January 29, 2010 “i’m only sleeping”

3-6pm Friday January 29, 2010 kglt.net “i’m only sleeping”
Artist Album Track
rolling stones tattoo you little t&a
flamin groovies now yeah my baby
chuck berry anthology tulane
beatles past masters mono bad boy
big three cavern stomp some other guy
the move something else ep it’ll be me
spencer davis group eight gigs a week good bye stevie
jackie brensteon and his delta cats i like ike rocket 88
//break// break //break//
sonnyboy williamson more real folk blues help me
the who quadrophenia punk meets the godfather
the flaming lips embryonic powerless
sonic youth daydream nation the sprawl
jimi hendrix electric landlady and the gods made love/have you ever been
otis rush chicago the blues today vol 2 everythinngs gonna turn out fine
//break// 4pm break //break//
bryan ferry let’s stick together 2HB
barry reynolds i scare myself times square
van morrison phr 1971 just like a woman
xtc big express i remember the sun
//break// break //break//
pink floyd more main theme
10cc original sound track i’m not in love
jason lytle yours truly the commuter here for good
//break// break //break//
sutherland brothers and quiver dream kid bad loser
mcartney mcartney that would be something
donovan troubadour wear your love like heaven
syd barrett barrett love song
traffic when the eagle flies love
//break// 5pm break //break//
blue oyster cult agents of fortune this ain’t the summer of love
radio birdman radios appear hand of law
saints i’m stranded stranded
sgt major III 45 all I don’t know
kinks kronikles she’s got everything
jam extras get yourself together
//break// break //beak//
wilco live in london shot in the arm
neil young trans sample and hold
bob dylan infidels union sundown
//break// breal //break//
tom petty long after dark straight into darkness
pete brown and piblokto 1000’s on a raft flying hero sandwich
can tago mago mushroom
genesis lamb fly on the windshield
earl hooker 2 bugs and a roach wah wah blues
sign off 6pm

January 22, 2010 “all work no play”

3-6pm Friday January 22, 2010 kglt.net “all work no play”
Artist Album Track
walker brothers 45 make it easy
roxy music avalon to turn you on
talk talk natural history talk talk
eurythmics here come the rain again
laurie anderson mr heartbreak gravity’s angel
BAD II ep Rush
//break// break //break//
jimi hendrix voodoo soup the new rising sun
eno another green world st elmo’s fire
robert wyatt ruth is stranger than richard team spirit
david bowie heroes V2 schneider
kraftwerk radioactivity airwaves
godley-creme consequences the wind
//break// 4pm break //break//
cure faith primary
cowboys international the original sin wish
public image PIL public image
REM murmur 9-9
ruts 45 west one (shine on)
league of gentlemen LOG hg wells
//break// break //break//
everly brothers walk right back empty boxes
stoneground 3 from a sad man into a deep blue sea
byrds columbia singles 65-68 it’s all over now baby blue
jefferson airplane after bathing at baxters wild time
moby grape moby grape sweet ride
//break// break //break
love love lost sad song
jimi hendrix electric lady land gypsy eyes
love love lost tripp’ and slippin’ / ezy ryder
//break// 5pm break //break//
faces long player richmond
beatles beatles I’m so tired
dave edmunds rockpile it ain’t easy
man back into the future (deluxe edition) ain’t their fight (live)
//break// break //break//
beach boys love you johnny carson
pete townshend scoop 3 can you see the real me
tim buckley honey man sweet surrender
//break// break //break//
husker du 45 B-side all work no play
deep reduction 2 two words
leaves are happening too many people
explosives three ring circus I won’t go back to work
young fresh fellows i don’t think this is suck machine crater
clash clash garageland
frank zappa zoot allures black napkins
//sign off// 6pm    

January 15, 2010 “cool jerk”

3-6pm Friday January 15, 2010 kglt.net “cool jerk”
Artist Album Track
kinks kontroversy milk cow blues
stones between the buttons miss amanda jones
them 45 mystic eyes
wheels v/a belfast beat I’m leaving
animals 45 outcast
the birds rare british no good without you baby
them belfast gypsies gloria’s dream
pretty things pretty things honey i need
creation making time cool jerk
rolling stones now! oh baby (we got a good thing going)
//break// break //break//
john cale academy in peril the philosopher
that petrol motion manic pop thrill mouth crazy
replacements let it be seen your video
neon boys ep love comes in spurts
grifters eyes full of gold boho/alt
thin white rope moonhead moonhead
armchair explorers avalanche diver in search of connie companion
//break// 4pm break //break//
feelies crazy rhythms loveless love
xtc english settlement jason and the argonauts
wire ideal copy the point of collapse
flaming lips clouds taste metallic evil will prevail
//break// break //break//
bettie serveert palomine palomine
superchunk driveway ep driveway to driveway
eno another day on earth this
echo and the bunnymen crocodiles read it in books
//break// break //break//
hilton valentine all in your head listen
jackie mccauley st cameraman, wilson and holmes
donovan hurdy gurdy man get thy bearings
*idelake courage of others small mountain
//break// 5pm break //break//
green on red gravity talks gravity talks
grateful dead grateful dead creampuff war
moby grape st omaha
moody blues days of future passed peak hour
kinks something else love me till the sun shines
jimi hendrix exp (45 b-side) highway chile
beatles mmt (mono) hello goodbye
//break// break //break//
beach boys pet sounds let’s go away for a while
faces nod is as good as a wink to a blink horse love lives here
nils lofgrin st if i say it, it’s so
bob dylan biograph can you please crawl out your window
yes yes everydays (early version)
deep purple 45 this bird has flown
julie driscoll and the trinity this is baby take me
the pirates (for mick green) fist full of dubloons lonesome train
dr feelgood 45 i don’t mind
//break// break //break//
santa barbara machine head anthology of brit blues vol 3 albert
//sign off 6pm//    

January 1, 2010 “living in a childs dream”

3-6pm Friday January 01, 2010 kglt.net “living in a childs dream”
Artist Album Track
pete brown not forgotten association long live
bonzo dog band anthropology give booze a chance
boxer below the belt town drunk
faces long player had me a real good time
jimi hendrix experience box taking care of no business
animals best of 1966-68 good times
jason lytle merry X-mas 2009 bird feeder soap opera plot
//break// break //break//
chuck willis keepa drivin’ cc rider
solomon burke the best of cry to me
small faces autumn stone red balloon
the who quadrophenia the real me
cream fresh (mono) I’m so glad
tim hardin 3 live in concert don’t make promises you can’t keep
colin blunstone year one misty roses
//break// 4pm break //break//
clear light st sand
doors strange days moonlight drive
love four sail robert montgomery
randy california kapt kopter devil
rolling stones beggars banquet salt of the earth
//break// break //break//
bob dylan john wesly harding wicked messenger
john lennon walls and bridges bless you
beach boys in concert leaving this town
//break// beak //break//
donovan sunshine superman celeste
pete townshend scoop melencholia
pink floyd piper at the gates of dawn matilda mother
hollies dear eloise king midas in reverse
time box the deram anthology gone is the sad man
the masters apprentices hands of time living in a childs dream
//break// 5pm break //break//
drop kick abelay hotel choose
matt piucci helenes beautiful fire
crazy horse crazy horse downtown
radio birdman zeno beach die like april
led zeppelin b side hey hey what can i do
rem olympia maps aand legends
love sculpture forms and feelings people people
//break// break //break//
jack bruce bad live 1975 can you follow-morning story
tempest tempest gorgon
help yourself + deke leonard xmas at the patti mona
plasticland let’s play pollyanna enchanted forestry