September 24, 2010 “I found a home”

3-6pm Friday September 24, 2010 “I found a home”
Artist Album Track
isley brothers 45 seek and you shall find
otis redding love man look at that girl
sam and dave best of i thank you
wilson pickett the exciting 99 and a half
chris kenner land of a 1000 dances thats my girl
lee dorsey v/a mojo roots of hip hop get out of my life woman
clarence frogman henry 45 i found a home
//break// break //break//
rationals think rational leaving here
who my generation out in the street
johnny kidd and the pirates best of casting my spell
yardbirds yardbirds hot house of omagarshid
rolling stones between the buttons please go home
//break// break //break//
crazy horse crazy horse beggars day
neil young at the fillmore winter long
jimi hendrix baggy’s rehearsals earth blues
david rose 45 forbidden planet
//break// 4pm break //break//
deke leonard 45 she’s a cow
johhny allen 45 promised land
dave edmunds tracks on wax 4 trouble boys
blasters the blasters marie marie
nrbq best of green lights
squeeze east side story in quintessence
dBs like this rendezvous
//break// break //break//
dave edmunds tracks on wax 4 what looks best on you
buddy holly story vol 2 well… all right
beatles for sale what you’re doing
everly brothers walk right back bowling green
major lance monkey time sweet music
brian wilson reimagines gershwin rhapsody in blue
//break// break //break//
syd barrett bbc baby leomade
ronnie lane anymore for anymore the poacher
mccoys 45 sorrow
byrds turn turn turn set you free this time
love love and more
harmonia and eno 1976 tracks and traces reissue atmosphere
//break// 5pm break //break//
johnny thunders and the heartbreakers lamf get off the phone
ramones end of the century chinese rocks
clash 45 complete control
adverts 45 gary gilmore’s eyes
husker du the living end what goes on
cramps gravest hits human fly
//break// break //break//
here today here today ep whistle in the yard
t-bone burnett trap door ridiculous man
rem chronic town stumble
big star keep an eye on the sky september girls
//break// break //break//
small faces autumn stone the universal
kinks something else autumn almanac
who next love ain’t for keeping
dantalian’s chariot chariot rising madman running through the filelds
quicksilver messenger service sons of mercury local color
//sign off// 6pm end of show //sign off// 6pm

September 3, 2010 “soul sanction”

3-6pm Friday September 03, 2010 “soul sanction”
Artist Album Track
move the move yellow rainbow
who sell out jaguar
acid gallery v/a nuggets vol 2 dance around the maypole
pretty things sf sorrow balloon burning
creation making time how does it feel
billy nicholls would you believe london social degree
small faces there are but four small faces here come the nice
//break// break //break//
kinks something else end of the season
beatles for sale eight days a week
grapefruit around round going round
del shannon 1961-1990 led along
gbv isolation drills glad girls
//break// break //break//
king crimson the wake of posiodon cadance and cascade
pink floyd obscured by clouds wot’s… uh the deal
phil manzanara k-scope gone flying
//break// 4pm break //break//
aretha franklin lady soul niki hoeky
otis redding pain in my heart hey hey baby
johnny and delores v/a oxford american southern music sockin soul
soul movers spanish tour ep the man i’ve been waiting for
brenda holloway v/a mojo mod club party every little bit hurts
booker t and the mgs hip hug her soul sanction
//break// break //break//
magazine real life shot from both sides
buzzcocks singles going steady harmony in my head
skids fanfare masquerade
csa sleep no more gone
sound from the lions mouth fatal flaw
siouxsie and the banshees hyana swimming horses
//break// break //break//
buffalo springfield buffalo springfiled bluebird (long version)
byrds singles all over now ababy blue
//break// 5pm break //break//
moby grape 45 sitting by the window
rose garden the rose garden long time
gene clark 45 only colombe
chris wilson and the sneetches pop! if wishes were horses
mystics dandies are back danger danger
//break// break //break//
paul mccartney mccartney every night
rem bang and blame ep country feedback (live)
john lennon plastic ono band hold on
elvis costello imperial bedroom town cryer
//break// break //break
led zep how the west was won what is and what never should be
jimi hendrix stages – san diego i don’t live today
who who’s next – young vic naked eye
pink floyd zabriski point st come in number 51, your time is up
//sign off// 6pm end of show //sign off//