December 31, 2010 “long neck bottles”

3-6pm Friday December 31, 2010 “long neck bottles”
Artist Album Track
pete brown not forgotten association few
ella mae morris roots of chuck berry house of blue lights
chuck berry anthology promised land
derek martin the sue story daddy rolling stone
benny spellman soul of new orleans fortune teller
ted taylor 45 ramblin rose
richie barrett lieber and stoller some other guy
//break// break //break//
ivan julian & capsula the naked flame hardwire
richard hell blank generation blank generation
ramones end of the century i’m affected
mathew sweet girlfriend girlfriend
damned damned deluxe neat neat neat
buzzcocks girl from the chain store
//break// break //break//
bob seger 45 persecution smith
rolling stones beggars parachute woman
jeff beck 45 I’ve been drinking
//break// 4pm break //break//
capt beefheart clear spot long necked bottles
xtc fast and bulbus ella guru
that petrol emotion 12″ zigzag wanderer
capt beefheart spotlight kid click clack
//break// break //break//
penny ikinger penelope dirty pool
silver chair b side new race
radio birdman live in texas anglo girl desire
penny ikinger and donovan’s brain unreleased sycamore tree
soul movers spanish tour ep the man i’ve been waiting for
//break// 5pm break //break//
deer tick the black dirt session 20 miles
replacements tim kiss me on the bus
ed kuepper serine machine sleepyhead
grifters ain’t my lookout last man alive
big star radio city back of my car
//break// break //break//
roy buchanan ut highwire
jimi hendrix west coast seattle boy untitled basic track
man rhinos 4 day louise
//break// break //break//
kinks 45 set me free
who 45 seeker
creation 45 try and stop me
rolling stones beggars banquet salt of the earth
harmonia musik von ut
//sign off// 6pm end of show //sign off//

December 17, 2010 “home is in my head”

3-6pm Friday December 17, 2010 “home is in my head”
Artist Album Track
faces five guys walk into a bar miss judy (live)
rolling stones tattoo you little t&a
grease band grease band laugh at the judge
chuck berry great 28 almost grown
bo diddley box bring it to jerome
pretty things pretty things don’t bring me down
//break// break //break//
everly brothers born yesterday amanda ruth
flamin groovies now yeah my baby
buddy holley from the original masters rave on
rockpile and robert plant concert for kampuchia little sister
nick lowe labour of lust switchboard susan
tom petty playback crackin up
//break// break //break//
radio birdman live in texas subterfuge
lime spiders the cave comes alive my favorite room
penny ikinger penelope montana to mexico
//break// 4pm break //break//
family bandstand bolero babe
genesis selling england i know what I like
led zep in through the out door in the evening
robert fripp exposure exposure
//break// brak //break//
3 wise men rag and bone buffet count down to christmas party time
wire ideal copy pont of collapse
shriekback oil and gold everything that rises must converge
pete townshend psychoderilict i want that thing
//break// break //break//
jack bruce bbc live in concert letter of thanks
man 1994 official bootleg even visionaries go blind
micky hart rolling thunder fletcher carnaby
kraftwerk ralf and florian tongebirge
//break// 5pm break //break//
jimi hendrix axis little wing
tim rose tim rose hide your love away
graham bond love is the law love is the law
beau brummels 45 just a little
beatles help i need you
//break// break //break//
nils lofgrin night after night cry tough
neil young on the beach see the sky about to rain
rem live at the olympia circus envy
television marquee moon see no evil
//break// break //break//
jackie lomax home is in my head home is in my head
who next i don’t even know myself
small faces small faces tell me have you ever seen me
jason lytle ron cameron st waiting for my phone to dry
//sign off// 6pm end of show //sign off//

December 3, 2010 “still as stone”

3-6pm Friday December 03,2010 “still as stone”
Artist Album Track
who quadrophenia 5.15
cream goodbye what a bringdown
hendrix west coast seattle boy stone free
//break// break //break//
small faces 45 donkey rides a penny a glass
kinks 45 king kong
beatles 45 revolution
//break// break //break//
gbv under the bushes under the stars cut out witch
robyn hitchcock ep eaten by her own dinner
easybeats ultimate antology the music goes round my head (fast)
alan bown 45 still as stone
//break// 4pm break //break//
roy wood 45 rock and roll winter
xtc towers of london 2×7″ scissor man (live)
john lennon 45 power to the people
slade slayed? look at last night
david bowie hunky dory the supermen
//break// break //break//
undertones positive touch julie ocean
u2 boy stories for boys
cure standing on the beach jumping someone else’s train
rem murmur moral kiosk
//break// break //break//
paul mccartney mccartney ooh you
iveys maybe tomorrow your daddy’s a millionaire
dwight twilly scuba divers touching the wind
john lennon shaved fish dream #9
//break// 5pm break //beak//
jack bruce songs for a tailor theme for an imaginary western
caravan land of the pink and gray winter wine
kevin ayers joy of a toy religious experience
//break// break //break//
jeremy spencer precious little precious little
fleetwood mac tusk that’s all for everyone
giant sand and rainer the inner flame the inner flame
//break// break //break//
quicksilver messanger service 1st album alternate version the fool
neutrons black hole star mermaid and chips
//sign off// 6pm end of show //sign off//

November 19, 2010 “rocket number nine”

3-6pm Friday November 19, 2010 “rocket number nine”
Artist Album Track
roy wood wizzard brew buffalo station/get on down to memphis
cheap trick heaven tonight california man
little richard w/jimi hendrix west coast seattle boy dancing all around the world
beatles abby road come together
beach boys 16 big ones rock and roll music
//break// break //break//
nirvana smells like teen spirit ep even in his youth
pixies doolittle monkey goes to heaven
rem new adventures in hifi wake up bomb
pylon chomp altitude
tv babies apt. 621 little white lies
//break// break //break//
loose fur loose fur laminated cat
sun ra space is the place rocket number nine
//break// 4pm break //break//
robert wyatt ruth is stranger than richard team spirit
king crimson beat waiting man
robert fripp exposure water music i -here comes the flood – water music ii
801 live tnk
//break// break //break//
blue oyster cult agents of fortune revenge of vera gemini
roky erickson and the aliens evil one click your finger applaud the play
nomads all wrecked up i have always been here before
neil young on thebeach vampire blues
who rarities vol 2 baby don’t you do it
roy loney and the long shots shake it or leave it miss val dupree
charlie pickett bar band americanus get off on my porch
//break// 5pm break //break//
west bruce and laing what ever turns you on november song
sharks sharks follow me
fleetwood mac bare trees danny’s chant
jimi hendrix west coast seattle boy are you experienced take 1
//break// break //break//
davy graham folk, blues and beyond deluxe she moved through the fair
van der graaf generator famous charisma label 5th annivesary w
ground hogs thank christ for the bomb soldier
john martyn 12″ gun money
david bowie space odddity unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed
fleetfoxes fleetfoxes winter hymnal
//break// break //brak//
action rolled gold stange roads
//sign off// 6pm end of show //sign off//

November 5, 2010 “poem for national lsd week”

3-6pm Friday November 05,2010 “poem for national lsd week”
Artist Album Track
pink floyd 45 b-side candy and a currant bun
every mothers son 45 put your mind at ease
master’s apprentices hands of time merry go round
july the great british psych trip vol 3 i see
fire nuggets vol 2 my fathers name was dad
denny laine 45 catherine wheel
grapefruit 45 b-side ain’t it good
idle race 45 imposters of life’s magazine
small faces ogdens nut gone flake long ago and world’s a part
//break// break //break//
liverpool scene the incredible poem for national lsd week
boxer below the belt all the time in the world
procol harum bbc live in concert 1974 bringing home the bacon
ace kefford stand ace the face for your love
//break// break //break//
radio birdman radio appears aloha steve and danno
pretenders pretendrers mystery achievement
//break// 4pm break //break//
feelies time for a witness sooner or later
thin white rope moonhead moonhead
yung wu shore leave eternal ice
windbreakers time machine stupid idea
bettie serveert palomine kid’s allright
//break/ break //break//
sails a headfull of stars here comes the winter
well wishers post modern romantic someone else
rem up lotus
peter gabriel pg 1 humdrum
//break// break //break//
wes montgomery tequila bumping on sunset
jeff beck official bootleg USA 006 cause we ended as lovers
jimi hendrix woodstock villanova junction
freddie king let’s dance away washout
michael rother chronicles 1 sonnenrad
//break// 5pm break //break//
beatles 45 help
flamin groovies shake some action please please girl
moby grape moby grape fallion you
nrbq peek-a-boo i want you bad
who sell out glittering girl
easybeats anthology i’ll make you happy
badfinger magic christian music rock of ages
beach boys good vibes box wonderful
//break// break //break//
died pretty next to nothing ambergris
husker du metal circus diane
that petrol emotion live 33 rpm ep swamp
capt beefheart safe as milk zig zag wanderer
thirteenth floor elevator psychedelic sounds fire engine
mc5 v/a A- square looking at you
//break// break //break//
help yourself the amazing zig zag concert blown away
//sign off/ 6pm end of show //sign off//