Bobby Sutliff’s Final Solo Album

Bobby Sutliff leaves us with one last solo album sixteen years after On A Ladder. Bob Sings And Plays will be released on the one year anniversary of Bobby’s untimely passing on August 29th, 2022.

 Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Bobby first emerged as a member of the Jackson Mississippi band The Windbreakers in 1982. The Windbreakers were part of the College Rock scene which prospered in the early 80s. The band would release a handful of well received albums over a ten-year period. 

Bobby’s solo career was launched in 1987 while on hiatus from The Windbreakers. He would release five albums over a twenty-year stretch. 

In 2007 shortly after the release of On A Ladder, Bobby joined the Montana based psychedelic collective Donovan’s Brain. He would ultimately appear on ten Donovan’s Brain albums. 

Bobby decided he needed to release one more solo album and would dedicate most of his songwriting to this effort. Sings And Plays was recorded between 2016 and 2022. Two songs had originally begun as Donovan’s Brain songs, the earliest recorded in 2011, both with Ric Parnell on drums. Tom Stevens added bass to Let It Go. Bobby played all instruments on the balance of the album.

 The ten songs, eight originals, are the work of a musician who had refined his art over a long and creative career. He touches on familiar themes of heartbreak and loss, all with a healthy dose of six and twelve string guitars. Bobby’s skills as a guitarist are on full display. 

The CD adds three bonus tracks. A vinyl edition is scheduled for early 2024.