March 26, 2010 “i’m on standby”

3-6pm Friday March 26, 2010 “i’m on standby”
Artist Album Track
huge space bird 45 electric boogaloo
t rex 45 telegram sam
mott the hoople all the young dudes jerkin’ crocus
roy loney and the long shots v/a through a faraway window big house
yff 45 my boyfriend’s in killdozer
alex chilton 19 years a collection bangkok
nomads all wrecked up cinderella
//break// break //break//
clover forty niner love is gone
brinsley schwartz v/a greasy truckers party i’m ahead if i can quit while I’m behind
help yourself strange affair heaven row
jim ford the sounds of our time working my way to la
redbone redbone crazy cajun cakewalk band
eggs over easy good n cheap party party
box tops dimensions soul deep
beach boys rarities the letter
//break// break //break
bronco country home civil of you stranger
buddy guy i was walking through the woods first time i met the blues
//break// 4pm break //break//
wilco blue sky blue shake it off
tom verlaine words from the front clear it away
lou reed the blue mask the gun
sebadoh smash your head on the punk rock everybody has been burned
dna v/a no new york egomaniac’s kiss
//break break //beak//
xtc mummer love on a farm boy’s wage
grandaddy sumdays i’m on standby
cream fresh dreaming
julie tippets brian auger encore no time to love
john lennon 45 watching the wheels
//break// break //break//
rod stewart old raincoat won’t let you down i wouldn’t change a thing
yes time and a word sweet dreams
spirit spirit uncle jack
help yourself return of ken whaley it has to be (excerpt)
//break// 5 pm break //break//
beatles help help
badfinger straight up i’d die
tim hardin painted head perfection
tom petty and the heartbreakers stranger in the night
terry reid seeds of memory to be treated rite
heavy jelly v/a nice enough to eat i keep singing that same old song
//break// break //break//
game theory distortions of glory penny, thing won’t
alex chilton 19 years you can’t have me
rem chronic town crazy
//break// break //break//
the who 45 dogs
kinks 45 king kong
gbv half smiles asia minor
pondhawks have landed your mind is hard to find
b//break// break //break//
tadpoles serotonin ronan (for tony dale) whirlaway
//end of show// // //end of show//

March 12, 2010 “welsh boy”

3-6pm Friday March 12,2010 “welsh boy”
Artist Album Track
Micky Jones Tribute    
bystanders shapes and sounds vol 2 bbc royal blue summer sunshine day
man greasy truckers angel easy
man back into the future (deluxe) c’mon
man with John cipollina live in california 10 aug 1976 babe I’m gonna leave you
micky jones band hope and anchor 26 july 1978 talk about the morning
man call down the moon call down the moon
micky jones demo violin thing
//break// 4pm break //break//
steve miller band sailor song for out ancestors
jimi hendrix electric landlady 1983 a merman …
//break// break //break//
midlake denton sessions rulers, ruling all things
beck-wilco fan club – skip spence oar little hands
jason lytle song goodbye yellow brick road
elton john tumbleweed connection ballad of a well known gun
//break// break //break//
tweke lewis into the chill micky
mose allison 7th son parchman farm
//break// break //break//
keith lockwood inteview where the djs roam
//break// 5pm break //break//
bob dylan blond on blond most likely you go your way
beau brummels magic hollow she reigns
minus 5 through a faraway window st catherines’s statue
twice as much history of british pop vol 12 sitting on a fence
sal valentino through a faraway window grease the wheel
rolling stones singles box sad day
break// break //break//
johnny otis 45 casting my spell
dr feelgood stupidity she does it right
johnny kidd best please don’t touch
dave edmunds bunch of stiffs jojo gunne
the who vew from a back stage pass young man blues
//break// break//break// //break//
jimi hendrix valley of neptune lullaby for summer
capt beefheart spotlight kid click clack
johnny jenkins ton ton macute leaving trunk
fleetwood mac then play on underway
//end of show// // //