January 1, 2010 “living in a childs dream”

3-6pm Friday January 01, 2010 kglt.net “living in a childs dream”
Artist Album Track
pete brown not forgotten association long live
bonzo dog band anthropology give booze a chance
boxer below the belt town drunk
faces long player had me a real good time
jimi hendrix experience box taking care of no business
animals best of 1966-68 good times
jason lytle merry X-mas 2009 bird feeder soap opera plot
//break// break //break//
chuck willis keepa drivin’ cc rider
solomon burke the best of cry to me
small faces autumn stone red balloon
the who quadrophenia the real me
cream fresh (mono) I’m so glad
tim hardin 3 live in concert don’t make promises you can’t keep
colin blunstone year one misty roses
//break// 4pm break //break//
clear light st sand
doors strange days moonlight drive
love four sail robert montgomery
randy california kapt kopter devil
rolling stones beggars banquet salt of the earth
//break// break //break//
bob dylan john wesly harding wicked messenger
john lennon walls and bridges bless you
beach boys in concert leaving this town
//break// beak //break//
donovan sunshine superman celeste
pete townshend scoop melencholia
pink floyd piper at the gates of dawn matilda mother
hollies dear eloise king midas in reverse
time box the deram anthology gone is the sad man
the masters apprentices hands of time living in a childs dream
//break// 5pm break //break//
drop kick abelay hotel choose
matt piucci helenes beautiful fire
crazy horse crazy horse downtown
radio birdman zeno beach die like april
led zeppelin b side hey hey what can i do
rem olympia maps aand legends
love sculpture forms and feelings people people
//break// break //break//
jack bruce bad live 1975 can you follow-morning story
tempest tempest gorgon
help yourself + deke leonard xmas at the patti mona
plasticland let’s play pollyanna enchanted forestry

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