October 22, 2010 “dedicated follower of fashion”

3-6pm Friday October 22, 2010 kglt.net “dedicated follower of fashion”
Artist Album Track
led zep 3 celebration day
jeff beck cosa nostra beck ola spanish boots
jimi hendrix west coast seattle boy love or confusion (alt version)
david bowie man who sold the world she shook me cold
free song of yesterday walk in my shadow
//break// break //break//
eugenius oomalama indian summer
luna slide ep slide
feelies good earth the good earth
game theory big shot chronicles here it is tomorrow
//break// break //break//
who sell out charles atlas
bonzo dog band tadpoles mr apollo
rolling stones between the buttons connection
kinks kontroversy dedicated follower of fashion
beatles past masters you know my name
roedelius lustwandel von ferne her
//break// 4pm break //break//
help yourself amazing zig zag concert running down deep
chilli willi and the red hot peppers amazing zig zag concert walking blues
mike nesmith amazing zig zag concert wax minute
starry eyed and laughing amazing zig zag concert nobody home
country joe and the fish electric music for the mind (mono) grace
//break// break //break//
the sails a headful of stars in my head
green pajamas rose ep the red red rose
devotions devotions looks like goodbye
elo greatest hits ma ma ma belle
alan price a price to pay getting might crowded
elvis costello get happy clown time is over
//break// 5pm break //break//
slim harpo excello singles anthology raining in my heart
cream fresh four until late
albert king king of the blues guitar you sure drive a hard bargain
jefferson airplane live at the fillmore east fat angel
//break// break //break//
hollies 45 can’t let go
beatles past masters i’ll get you
goldie and the gingerbreads 20 one hit wonders vol 2 i’m in to something good
beach boys box then I kissed
//break// break //break//
neil young le noise hitchhiker
rem document odd fellows 151
john entwhistle smash your head against the wall cinnamon girl
//break// break //nbreak//
man winterland 5 april 1975 jam with john cipollina
//sign off// 6pm endof show //sign off/

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