July 23, 2010 “gonna hustle you”

3-6pm Friday July 23, 2010 kglt.net “gonna hustle you”
Artist Album Track
jimmy mcgriff hits kiko
georgie fame rhythm and blues at the flamingo parchman farm
brian auger and the trinity definitely what! if you live
action ultimate i keep on holding on
zoot money and his big roll band a big time operator loving you is sweeter than ever
elvis costello get happy getting mighty crowded
zombies the singles a’s & b’s going out of my head
traffic heaven is in your mind giving to you
//break// break //break//
undertones undertones here come the summer
who rarities in the city
jan and dean filet of soul gonna hustle you
beach boys keeping the summer alive keeping the summer alive
jan and dean legendary masters sidewalk surfing
t rex 45 celibrate summer
//break// break //brak//
gbv alien lanes watch me jump start
gem hexed surburban girl
smash palace smash palace win it all
ronnie wood- ronnie lane mahoney’s last stand tonight’s number
//break// 4pm break //break//
bob dylan bringing it all back home she belongs to me
van morrison philosopher’s stone flamingos fly
rod stewart every picture tells a story maggy may
paul mccartney and wings at the speed of sound time to hide
//break// break //break//
pink floyd piper at the gates of dawn bike
tomorrow tomorrow my white bicycle
jeff beck truth tallyman
mark wirtz a teenage opera (excerpt from a teenage opera) grocer jack
manfred mann 45 my name is jack
kinks village green phenomenal cat
//break// break //break//
black diamonds v/a hot generation not this time
yardbirds little games sessions and more puzzles
misunderstood the lost acetates i unseen
pretty things the philippe debarge alexander
yardbirds bbc you’re a better man than i
//break// 5pm break //break//
david bowie heroes v2 schnider
kraftwerk the man machine the model
fujiya & miyagi transparent things conductor 71
harmonia deluxe gollum
pete townshend another scoop the shout
//break// break //break//
damned machine gun etiquitte just can be happy today
ruts peel sessions sus
stooges raw power penitration
wilco kicking television kicking television
//break// break //break//
admiral radley i heart california red curbs
midlake milkmaid grand army she removes her spirial hair
gripweeds strange change machine mistress forest
opal happy nightmare baby happy nightmare baby
//break// break //break//
georgie fame r&b at the flamingo night train
//sign off// 6pm end of show //end of show//

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