August 20, 2010 “waiting for my phone to dry”

3-6pm Friday August 20,2010 “waiting for my phone to dry”
Artist Album Track
viv stanshall men opening umbrellas ahead strange tongues
van morrison veedon fleece you don’t pull no punches, but you don’t push the river
pete townshend who came first content
//break// break //break//
velvet underground velvet underground pale blue eyes
real kids the real kids like darts
feelies only life away
//break// break //break//
peter laughner take the guitar player for a ride sylvia plath
love live in england 1970 andmoreagain
richard + linda thompson shoot out the lights shoot out the lights
jason lytle ron cameron sound track waiting for my phone to dry
//break// 4pm break //break//
mark bacino interview mark bacino interview mark bacino interview
mark bacino queens english happy
mark bacino queens english the queens english
mark bacino queens english angeline and the bensonhurst boy
mark bacino queens english blue suit
nilsson arial pandemonium ballet one
mark bacino interview end mark bacino interview mark bacino interview end
//break// break //break//
jewel akens 45 the birds and the bees
betty everett 45 shoop shoop song
little anthony and the imperials 45 shimmy shimmy ko-ko bop
Ike turner’s kings of rhythm cobra box box top
ikettes 45 i’m blue (gong gong song)
//break// break //break//
troggs love is all around night of the long grass
kinks face to face sunny afternoon
them again call my name
syndicats nuggets 2 crawddaddy simone
jimi hendrix axis she’s so fine
easybeats best of pretty girl
//break//5 pm break //break//
gbv propeller over the neptune/mesh gear fox
jeremy morris pop explosion nice guy
well wishers post modern romantic all for nothing
cheap trick cheap trick taxman mr thief
beatles beatles everyboidy’s got something to hide
gbv king shit and the golden boys postal blowfish
//break// break //break//
pete townshend v/a sometimes a great notion relay
lets active cypruss waters part
spirit son of spirit magic fairy princess
bobby sutliff on a laddar oh lorelei
dBs the sound of music think too hard
rain parade beyond the sunset no easy way down
//break// break //break//
jason lytle ron cameron sound track dismantle/rebuild
//sign off/ 6pm end of show //sign off//

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