August 13, 2010 “big left”

3-6pm Friday August 13, 2010 kglt/net “big left”
Artist Album Track
traffic shoot out shoot out at the fantasy factory
man back into the future never say nups to nepalese
jimi hendrix electric landlady voodoo chile (slight return)
//break// break //break//
randy california kapt kopter rain
led zep song remains the same the rain song
//break// break //break
albert king king of the blues guitar laundromat blues
otis rush the cobra records story all your love
mississippi sheiks v/a mojo: good times bad tines sitting on top of the world
keef hartley halfbreed leaving trunk
santo and johnny santo and johnny sleepwalk
//break// 4pm break //break//
nomads b-side top alcohol
radio birdman essential smith and wesson blues
hidden charms hidden charms how do you know?
cynics get our way that’s how i feel
animals b-side i’m going to change the world
the loons loves dead leaves insecurity smashed
//break// break //break//
jason lytle roncameron indie freestyle rock
shaggs philosophy of the world my pal foot foot
jason lytle ron cameron the mall in klamath falls
//break// break //break//
jook 45 crazy kids
the rattles rattled rattled
velvet underground white light white heat i heard her call my name
david bowie alladin sane panic in detroit
richard hell and the voidoids v/a shake to date time
remains remains diddy wah diddy
//break// 5pm break //break//
mark bacino queens english happy
randy newman live so long dad
lovin spoonful hums rain on the roof
alan price the price is right this side of goodbye
georgie fame yeah yeah pink champagne
roogalator 45 love and the single girl
//break// break //break//
split enz 45 another great divide
swingers on the beat one good reason
eno taking tiger mountain by strategy mother whale eyeless
//break// break //break//
gbv bee thousand (directors cut) gold heart mountain top queen directory
neutral milk hotel aeroplane over the sea 2 headed boy
gerbils are you sleepy is she fiona
elf power come felt good to burn
soft boys nextdoorland sudden town
//break break //break//
sandpebbles ghost transmissions big left
//sign off// 6pm end of show //sign off//

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