April 9, 2010 “canyons of your mind”

3-6pm Friday April 09, 2010 kglt.net 2010 fund drive “canyons of your mind”
Artist Album Track
who 45 join together
nazz 45 open my eyes
rolling stones 45 everything’s turning to gold
wall of voodoo 45 mexican radio
//break// break //break//
nick lowe 45 truth drug
turbines 45 wah hey
peter holsapple 45 big black truck
jody reynolds 45 endless sleep
sean tyla gang 45 texas chainsaw
//break// break //break//
tikis make believe ballrooom pay attention to me
paul revere and the raiders make believe ballroom big boy pete
beach boys make believe ballroom fun fun fun (live)
beach boys make believe ballroom little old lady from pasadena (live)
beach boys make believe ballroom shut down (live)
beach boys make believe ballroom johnny b goode (live)
dobie grey 45 in crowd
//break// 4pm break //break//
barrett strong 45 money
clash cost of living ep capitol radio
thane russel & 3 45 security
ted taylor 45 ramblin rose
joe tex 45 show me
//break// break //break//
skids ep working for the yankee dollar
ruts 45 staring at the rude boys
csa 45 red planet revisited
u2 45 i will follow (live)
//break// break //break//
john martyn make believe ballroom man in the station
free make believe ballroom heartbreaker (live)
traffic make believe ballroom shoot out at the fantasy factory (live)
cannonball adderly 45 walk tall
//break// 5pm break //break//
bonzo dog 45 canyons of your mind
huey piano smith 45 rockin pnumonia
chuck berry 45 carol
loose gravel 45 gravel rash
beatles hard days night ep any time at all
//break// break //break//
buddy holly 45 everyday
byrds 45 she don’t care about time
beach boys 45 girl don’t tell me
//break// break //break//
albert king 45 cold feet
rolling stones 45 under assisstant west coast
yardbirds 45 new york city blues
//break// break //break//
buzzcocks 45 say you don’t love me
elvis costello 45 radio,radio
shadows 45 rise and fall of flingle bunt
end of show 6pm    

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