June 03, 2016 “chicken pox”

3-6pm Friday June 03, 2016 kglt-fm “chicken pox”
Artist Album Track
undertones 45 here comes the summer
beach boys summer days salt lake city
eddie cochran best of summer time blues
johnny burnette rock and roll trio hony hush
johnny kidd best of shakin all over
who isle of wight young man blues
*****Break***** 03:16 PM    
love love mushroom clouds
move move yellow rainbow
cream disraeli gears (mono) dance the night way
byrds fifth dimension why (single version)
spencer davis group v/a mojo paint it back morning sun
uglys the quiet explosion the quiet explosion
*****Break***** 03:39 PM    
hollies clarke, hicks, nash years king midas in reverse
world of oz world of oz king croesus
manfred mann fontana years semi detached mr james
rolling stones 45 sad day
beatles beatles everybody’s got something to hide
jimi hendrix exp are you exp
booker t melting pot chicken pox
*****Break***** 04:03 PM    
seam are you driving me crazy haole redux
grifters full blown possession wicked thing
pavement slanted and enchanted drunks with guns
rem murmer 9-9 (live)
gbv please be hones kid on a ladder
radio birdman zeno beach hungry cannibals
*****Break***** 04:22 PM    
greg douglass flight of the golden dragon scream
mallard mallard winged tuscadero
quicksllver messenger service shady grove holy moly
micky hart roling thunder fletcher carnaby
*****Break***** 04:46 PM    
van morrison too late to stop now help me
sonny boy williamspn the real folk blues mr downchild
howling wolf moaning at midnign how many more years
capt beefheart bat chain puller floppy boot stomp
john mayall hard road the supernatural
*****Break***** 05:01 PM    
forever more yours for ever more we sing
beachwood sparks desert skies time
help yourself return of ken whaley pioneers of the west
love live/studio keep on smiling
*****Break***** 05:19 PM    
chuck berry st louis to frisco misery
bob dylan highway 61 revisited highway 61 revisted
ray sharpe linda lu linda lu
humble pie 45 natural born bugie
deke leonard iceberg deluxe diamond road
*****Break***** 05:44 PM    
king crimson starless and bible black we’ll let you know
steve hillage fish rising salmon song
high tide sea shanties nowhere
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

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