October 21, 2016 “do something real”

3-6pm Friday October 21, 2016 kglt-fm “do something real”
Artist Album Track
Will Bradly Trio Roots Of Chuck Berry Down The Road Apiece
Chuck Berry Box Memphis
Chuck Berry Box Maybellene
Chuck Berry Great 28 You Can’t Catch Me
Chuck Berry Box Jaguar And Thunderbird
Chuck Berry Box No Particular Place To Go
Chuck Berrry Great 28 Almost Grown
Chuck Berry Box Never Can Tell
Chuck Berry Box Dear Dad
Chuck Berry Box Promised Land
Chuck Berry Box Let It Rock
Chuck Berry Box Nadine
*****Break***** 03:37 PM    
Bo Diddley Box Pretty Thing
Little Walter Esential Mellow Down Easy
Howlin Wolf The Real Folk Blues Killing Floor
Rockpile Seconds Of Pleasure Oh What A Thrill
Rolling Stones 12 X 5 2120 South Michigan Ave
*****Break***** 03:56 PM    
Damned 45 New Rose
Clash Clash I’m So Bored With The Usa
*****Break***** 04:02 PM    
Winkies Winkies Trust In Dick
David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Deluxe Holy Holy
Mott The Hoople All The Young Dudes Sucker
Velvet Underground White Light/white Heat Lady Godiva’s Operation
Roxy Music Country Life Casanova
*****Break***** 04:23 PM    
Wilson Pickett The Sound Of Soul Dance #3
Animals Animalization One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show
Curtis Mayfield Live We’re A Winner
Jimi Hendrix Machine Gun Izabella
*****Break***** 04:41 PM    
Esp Ohio 45 Royal Cyclopian
Bun E Carlos Greetings From Bunezuela Do Something Real
Motors Motors Phony Heaven
Skids Fanfare Charade
Deniz Tek 45 Song For Dave
*****Break***** 05:02 PM    
Feelies Time For A Witness Doin’ It Again
Wire 45 Outdoor Miner
Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth Nita
Chris Stamey Instant Excitement
Game Theory Big Shot Chrnicles Crash Into June
Opal Early Recordings She’s A Diamond
*****Break***** 05:27 PM    
Young Fresh Fellows V/a An Evening In Edenbrook Forest Can’t Get Beside Her
Peter Buck Warzone Earth I Hate My Life And The Way I Live
Teenage Fanclub Catholic Education Heavy Metal 1
Buddy Sevaris High Strung Authentic Straight Faced Lies
Swedish Polar Bears The Great Northern Computer Crash
*****Break***** 05:41 PM    
Kinks Muswell Hillbillies 20th Century Man
Blue Oyster Cult Agents Of Fortune The Revenge Of Vera Gemini
Radio Birdman Radios Appear Man With The Golden Helmet
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

October 07, 2016 autumn almanac”

3-6pm Friday October 07, 2016 kglt-fm “autumn almanac”
Artist Album Track
flaming lips clouds tasted metallic evil will prevail
who 45 relay
ruts the crack babylon is burning
damned sessions of i just can’t be happy today
radio birdman radios appear (trafalger edition) hand of law
*****Break***** 03:23 PM    
bob dylan another side of I shall be free no. 10
howlin wolf the real folk clues killing floor
man slow motion (deluxe) Many Are called (berkeley 75 live)
*****Break***** 03:49 PM    
car seat headrest teens in denial 1937 state park
wilco schmilco if i ever was a child
granddaddy single clear your history
pete townshend – ronnie lane rough mix rough mix
*****Break***** 04:03 PM    
marck bacino – ron sanchez interview talk talk
mark bacino 45 not that guy
elvis costello my aim is true welcome to the working week
police regatta mondatta the beds too big with out you
mark bacino-ron sanchez interview talk talk
crowded house temple of low men be home soon
beach boys friends little bird
ron sanchez – mark bacino interview talk talk
*****Break***** 04:32 PM    
mark bacino queens english angeline and the bensonhurst boy
family tree miss butters butters lament
mfq v/a – rare masters this could be the night
beatles help you’ve got to hide your love away
*****Break***** 04:43 PM    
small faces in the beginning my mind’s eye
elmer gantry’s velvet opera real folk clues mary jane
kinks something else (deluxe) autumn almanac
mystery trend so glad i found you johnny was a good boy
tomorrow tomorrow revolution
leiber stoller big band leiber stoller big band somkey joe’s cafe
*****Break***** 05:02 PM    
green pajamas play the jeff kelly songbook claire’s knee
tyde darren 4 nice to know you
rain parade v/a warf rat tales this can’t be today
donovan’s brain fires which burnt brightly green 17
beachwood sparks 45 windows 65
*****Break***** 05:23 PM    
deniz tek mean old twister prison mouse
silver metre silver metre ballad of a well known gun
flaming groovies 45 let me rock
gbv pease be honest please be honest
nomads 45 no cops haul ass
deniz tek single song for dave
*****Break***** 05:42 PM    
jimi hendrix fillmiore east earth bllues
led zep celebration day no quarter
*****Break***** 06:00 PM