November 25, 2016 “strange days”

3-6pm Friday November 25, 2016 kglt-fm “strange days”
Artist Album Track
spirit potatoland exit 27 > turn to the right
man be good to yourself c’mon
*****Break***** 03:23 PM    
zappa roxy by proxy inca roads
jimi hendrix machine gun machine gun
bob dylan the real royal albert hall like a rolling stone
*****Break***** 03:51 PM    
mothers of invention 45 it can’t happen here
laura nyro eli and the 13th confession poverty train
julie driscoll brian auger and the trinity street noise save the country
*****Break***** 04:02 PM    
beach boys pet sounds i wasn’t made for these times
sgt major rich, creamery butter battleship callee greed
who quick one run run run
flop when ever you’re ready regret
gbv please be honest kid on a ladder
*****Break***** 04:24 PM    
move b-side this time tomorrow
grandaddy 45 way we won’t
rem up the apologist
dbs repercussions happenstance
*****Break***** 04:41 PM    
humble pie rock on strange days
paul mccartney new appreciate
*****Break***** 04:55 PM    
jody reynolds the complete demon fire of love
ray sharpe linda lu linda lu
ronnie self bop a lena bop a lena
*****Break***** 05:01 PM    
elton john rare masters madman across the water (ronson version)
david bowie man who sold the world all the man men
cream live vol 2 deserted cities of the heart
ronno v/a vertigo classsics and rarities power of darkness
*****Break***** 05:27 PM    
beatles for sale 8 days a week
pretty things philippe debarge alexander
mc5 back in the usa shakin street
buffalo springfield again rock and roll woman
rolling stones 12×5 empty heart
*****Break***** 05:46 PM    
who next pure and easy
pink floyd cre/ation embryo
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

November 18, 2016

3-6pm Friday November 18, 2016    
Artist Album Track
pete townshend la jolla playhouse 2001 wgfa
phil manzanara 801 listen now law and order
elvis costello armed forces green shirt
spirit time circle 1984
*****Break***** 03:20 PM    
jefferson airplane volunteers deluxe wood ships (live)
electric flag long time coming another country
nico the end the end
*****Break***** 03:46 PM    
mose allison best of your mind is on vacation
dave bartholomew the monkey the money
who tommy super deluxe young man blues (studio)
jimmy smith wes montgomery dynamic duo night train
*****Break***** 04:01 PM    
john lennon shaved fish power to the people
slade slayed? i won’t let it ‘appen agen
led zep physical graffiti in my time of dying
*****Break***** 04:21 PM    
mighty baby mighty baby egyptian tomb
help yourself reaffermation running down deep
quiver quiver take a train
home pause for a hoarse horse pause for a hoarse horse
wilco sky blue sky sky blue sky
*****Break***** 04:50 PM    
deniz tek mean old twister prison mouse
new christs born out of time sun god
dictators go girl crazy next big thing
*****Break***** 05:03 PM    
low humbles a new design for you i was the song you used to sing
bye bye black birds we need the rain shook down softly
green pajamas november mary magdalene
donovan’s brain a defeat of echoes when you’re falling
esp ohio starting point of the royal cyclopian grand beach finale
marianne faithfull as tears go by come and stay with me
*****Break***** 05:24 PM    
giles giles and fripp brondesbury tapes why don’t you just drop in
family bandstand bolero babe
genesis selling england i know what I like
*****Break***** 05:41 PM    
david crosby if I could only remember my name laughing
curtis mayfield sweert exorcist kung fu
jimi hendrix single peace in mississippi (original)
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

November 04, 2016 “future song”

3-6pm Friday November 04, 2016 kglt-fm “future song”
Artist Album Track
king crimson red one more red nightmare
kevin ayers whatevershebringswesing song from the bottom of a well
tempest under the blossom gorgon
*****Break***** 03:21 PM    
cream disraeli gears (deluxe) swlabr (demo)
dick heckstall-smith a story ended future song
patto patto the man
jack bruce harmoy row escape to the royal wood on ice
*****Break***** 03:43 PM    
steve miller sailor quicksilver girl
byrds younger than yesterday renaissance fair
rolling stones satanic majesties request and requires 2000 light years from home
jeff beck cosa nostra beck ola girl from mill valley
*****Break***** 04:02 PM    
yff electric bird digest hillbilly drummer girl
nrbq tap dancing bats ain’t it allright
nick lowe labour of lust born fighter
keith richards talk is cheap take it so hard
procol harum bbc in concert bringing home the bacon
*****Break***** 04:24 PM    
curtis mayfield curtis (don’t worry) if there is a hell below we are all gonna go
jimi hendrix west coast seattle boy master mind
al green hits can’t get next to you
jimi hendrix people hell and angels mojo man
ike and tina turner 45 it’s going to work out fine
*****Break***** 04:49 PM    
velvet underground complete matrix some kinda love
13th floor elevator easter everywhere levatation
them complete little girl
*****Break***** 04:59 PM    
country joe electric music flying high
grateful dead grateful dead cream puff war
jefferson airplane grace’s debut 10.16.66 high flying bird
hot tuna double dose serpent of dreams
steven stills stills old times good times
*****Break***** 05:23 PM    
robyn hitchcock element of light lady waters and the hooded one
yes progeny heart of the sunrise
pfm world became the world world became the world
*****Break***** 05:45 PM    
dicatators go girl crazy teengenerate
deniz tek mean old twister corner conversation
man live at the padget rooms penarth daughter of the fireplace
*****Break***** 06:00 PM