July 01, 2016 “turning in circles”

3-6pm Friday July 01, 2016 kglt-fm “turning in circles”
Artist Album Track
who quad i’m one
david bowie ziggy stardust it ain’t easy
dave edmunds rockpile outlaw blues
man be good to yourself life on the road
*****Break***** 03:20 PM    
delaney and bonnie the original when the battle is over
eddie floyd down to earth linda sue dixon
joe tex skinny legs and all if sugar was as sweet as you
traffic last exit medicated goo
*****Break***** 03:38 PM    
my girl the river this ain’t no fairytale this ain’t no fairytale
help yourself five light your way
chris bell i am the cosmos get away
million sellers suficiently rude red and khaki
deke leonard iceberg turning in circles
*****Break***** 04:01 PM    
syndicate of sound 45 brown paper bag
people 45 ulla
1910 fruitgum company 45 special delivery
beatles revolver taxman
yardbirds 45 over under sideways down
rolling stones 45 19th nervous breakdown
*****Break***** 04:23 PM    
beach boys little deuce coupe cherry cherry coupe
jan and dean fillet of soul gonna hustle you
beach boys all summer long little honda
radio birdman radios appear do the pop
wilmar x under hot hong kong pop
nomads showdown 16 forever
*****Break***** 04:44 PM    
built to spill perfect from now on randy described eternity
dinosaur jr green mind thumb
sonic youth goo my friend goo
*****Break***** 05:00 PM    
genesis archive back in new york
king crimson live in central park exiles
yes time and a word time and a word
*****Break***** 05:24 PM    
pondhawks blue light faraway
elf power a dream in sound will my feet still carry me home
essex green cannibal sea this ain’t farm life
fir 45 summer wasn’t there
soft boys underwater moonlight kingdom of love
*****Break***** 05:43 PM    
jeff simmons lucille has messed up my mind raye
zappa one size fits all san berdino
eno rodelious mobius after the heat the bell dog
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

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