February 26, 2016 “yesterday’s papers”

3-6pm Friday February 26, 2016 kglt-fm “yesterday’s papers”
Artist Album Track
skids 12″ into the valley
motors motors dancing the night away
slade slayed? i won’t let it ‘appen agen
damned machine gun etiquette can’t be happy today
*****Break***** 03:24 PM    
jimi hendrix alone gypsy eyes
man slow motion bedtime bone
john mclaughlin devotion dragon song
spirit 12 dreams nothing to hide
*****Break***** 03:43 PM    
laura nyro more than a new discovery stoney end
nazz nazz hello it’s me
elo 2 deluxe baby I apologise
sparks woofer in tweeters clothing girl from germany
*****Break***** 04:04 PM    
ashton gardner and dyke ashton gardner and dyke i’m your spiritual breadman
cream good bye badge
gary wright footprint two faced man
badfinger straight up day after day
jack bruce songs for a tailor never tell your mother she sings out of tune
jackie lomax is this what you wnat sour milk ea
george harrison extra texture ooh baby
george harrison wonderwall red lady too
*****Break***** 04:33 PM    
pretenders 2 i go to sleep
dusty springfield golden hits i dont’ know what to do with myself
lovin spoonful greatest hits darling be home soon
*****Break***** 04:46 PM    
van morrison veedon fleece streets of arklow
tom petty tom petty luna
terry reid river dean
*****Break***** 05:00 PM    
dan hicks dan hicks canned music
byrds younger than yesterday renaissance faire
manfred mann fontana years funniest gig
creation making time nightmares
pretty things 67-71 walking through my sleep
david bowie early on you’ve got a habit of leaving
who my generatin out in the street
love da capo 7&7
*****Break***** 05:29 PM    
gbv bee thousand kicker of elves
who quick one happy jack (acoustic)
gene clark with godsin brothers is yours is mine (acoustic demo)
zombies singles indication
stones betweent the buttons yesterday’s papers
beatles beatles piggies
merry go-rund listen listen she laughed loud
kinks village green animal farm
qms qms the fool
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

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