February 12, 2016 “This Island Earth”

3-6pm Friday February 12, 2016 kglt-fm “This Island Earth”
Artist Album Track
Peter Gabriel V/a Music And Rhythm Across The River
Pete Townshend Another Scoop The Ferry Man
Echo And The Bunnymen V/a Raindrops Pattering On Banana Leaves I Zimbo
L Shankar Touch Me There Dead Girls Of London
*****Break***** 03:25 PM    
Aretha Franklin Arrives 96 Tears
Otis Redding Pain In My Heart Louie Louie
Van Morrison Bang Sessions Goodbye Baby
Led Zep Coda Deluxe Bany Come Home
*****Break***** 03:41 PM    
Zoot Money Klooks Kleek Let The Good Time Roll
Animals Animalism Hey Gyp
Rolling Stones Some Girls Shattered
Chuck Berry 45 School Day
Ab Skhy Ab Skhy Camel Back
*****Break***** 03:58 PM    
Rem Dead Leter Office Pale Blue Eyes
Velvet Underground Matrix Sweet Jane
Iggy Pop Lust For Life Neighborhood Threat
David Bowie Heathen Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship
Bryan Ferry The Bride Stripped Bare This Island Earth
*****Break***** 04:24 PM    
Replacements Let It Be I Will Dare
Meat Puppets 2 Lost
Firehose If’n Sometimes
James Gang Greatest Hits Funk #49
Who Next Deluxe Love Ain’t For Keepin
*****Break***** 04:48 PM    
Sonny And Cher Baby Don’t Go Baby Don’t Go
Jackie Deshannon What The World Needles And Pins
Standells 45 The Boy Next Door
Mfq 45 Night Time Girl
*****Break***** 05:00 PM    
Phil Judd Play It Strange Imaginary Lover
Xtc Nonsuch Holly Up On Poppy
Elliott Smith From A Basement On The Hill Coast To Coast
Jason Lytle Yours Turely The Commuter (outtake) John’s On A Mountain
Squeeze Cradle To Grave Sunny
*****Break***** 05:22 PM    
Beach Boys Surfin Usa Farmer’s Daughter
Coke Belda Coke Belda Hold Me Tight
Bram Tchaikovsky Strange Man Girl Of My Dreams
Dbs Falling Off The Sky Write Back
Robert Pollard Moses On A Snail Arrows And Baloons
Yff 45 New Yff Theme
*****Break***** 05:43 PM    
Byrds Mr Tambourine Man You Don’t Have To Cry
Beatles Hard Days Night Things We Said Today
Jefferson Airplane Takes Off Don’t Slip Away
Mighty Baby Slipstreams Virgin Spring 2
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

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