April 03, 2020 “stronger through the years”

3-6pm Friday April 03, 2020 kglt-fm “stronger through the years”
Artist Album Track
Artist Album Track
neil innes 45 how sweet to be an idiot
patto hold your fire how’s your father
who 45 relay
peter grabriel 3 and through the wire
*****Break***** 03:22 PM    
action ultimate action i keep hanging on
beatles revolver good day sunshine
marvin gaye anthology you’re a wonderful one
david bowie low speed of life
beach boys 45 dance dance dance
*****Break***** 03:42 PM    
flamin groovies still shakin dr boogie
mickey hawks v/a- songs that made bolan boogie bip bop boom
ray sharpe linda lu linda lu
deke leonard Kamikazi joyful soul
rollng stones five by five round and round
alex chilton 19 bangkok
hot knives hot knives around the world
*****Break***** 04:00 PM    
robert wyatt rock bottom sea song
roxy mnusic manifesto stronger through the years
feelies crazy rhythms raised eyebrows
eno here come the warm jets here come the warm jets
*****Break***** 04:28 PM    
tim rose time rose hey joe
jimi hendrix monterey pop wind cries mary
bob dylan hiway 61 revisited desolation row
*****Break***** 04:49 PM    
firesign theater dear friends deputy dan has no friends
larry wallis stiff box police car
mike mcgear mcgear givin’ grease a ride
paul mccartney venus and mars magnito and titanium man
*****Break***** 05:04 PM    
connection the connection strange town
tryptamynds lds: sunshine girl sunshine girl
magpies terrain charlie hustle
dave buckley and the watchwood wizard of odd isn’t there somewhere wlse you’d rather be
donovan’s brain heirloom varieties houseboy
*****Break***** 05:26 PM    
coasters hits poison ivy
clarence frogman henry 45 ain’t got no home
huey piano smith rockin pnumonia don’t you just know it
ernie k-doe v/a – mojo comp certain girl
ray charles in person what’d i say
*****Break***** 05:33 PM    
howlin threads unreleased sometimes
radio birdman burn my eye ep burn my eye
*****Break***** 05:38 PM    
jimi hendrix electric ladyland 1983 a merman i should be
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

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