“One Hundred Years From Now” 7 August 2020

Artis Album Track
Pete Brown Not Forgotton Associations Few
Liverpool Scenei Incredible Tonight At Noon
Jam Modern World Tonight At Noon
Who My Generation Good’s Gone
*****Break***** 03:13 PM
Larry Wallis 45 Police Car
Stooges Fun House Down On The Street
Radio Birdman Radios Appear Non Stop Girls
Deniz Tek – James Williamson Two Into One Stable
Stooges Raw Power Search And Destroy
*****Break***** 03:47 PM
Beatles Help Tell Me What You See
Beach Boys Good Vibes Surf’s Up
Beach Boys Good Vibes Cabinessence
*****Break***** 03:54 PM
Velvet Crush – M Sweet V/a-skrang Second Choice
Sandpebbles Eastern Terrace Moving To Fast
Echo Abd The Bunnymen Crocodiles Zimbo Live
Grandaddy Sophtware Slump Lfo
*****Break***** 04:23 PM
Big Dee Irwin 45 Swinging On A Star
Bob B Soxx 45 Zip Adee Doo Dah
Easybeats Easy Fever I’ll Make You Happy
Kinks Kinda Come On Now
*****Break***** 04:41 PM
Marianne Faithful Hits Summer Nights
Gene Clark And The Godsin Brothes Is Yours Is Mine
Godsin Brothers The Sounds Of Goodbye One Hundre4d Years From Now
Beau Brummels Magic Hollow Just A Little
Dillards 45 Last Thing On My Mind
Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield Flying On The Ground
Bob B Soxx 45 Flip And Nitty
*****Break***** 05:04 PM
Dharma Bums Haywire Haywire
Rem Dead Letter Band Wagon
Olivia Tremor Control Black Foilage Hideaway
Minders 45 Listen The Bugel Calls
Maroons I And To Blame Self Arraingers
Bettie Serveert Lamprey Ray Ray Rain
*****Break***** 05:28 PM
Yardbirds Bbc Revisit3ed Stumble
Paul Butterfield V/a – Blues With A Feeling Look Over Yonder’s Wall
Lightning Slim Rooster Blues Lightnin’s Blues
Muddy Waters V/a – Blues A Feeling Can’t Be Satisfied
*****Break***** 05:42 PM
Seeds 45 Up In Her Room
Brouges Va- Hush Revcords Miacle Work
Keith West Teen Age Opera Excerpt
Poink Floyd 45 Paint Box

August 21, 2020 “No Mail Blues”

Friday August 21, 2020  3-6pm ” No Mail Blues”
 Artist  Album  Track
 Pink Floyd  Piper At The Gates Of Dawn  Astronomy Domine
 Hawkwind  Doremi Faso Latido  Space Is Deep
 Jimi Hendrix  Exp  Third Stone From The Sun
 *****Break***** 03:20 PM
 Dump 45  Feelings 1
 Radiohead  Airbag  Palo Alto
 Peter Holsapple  V/a – Skrang  Ballygrand
 Wilco  Yankee Hotel Foxtrot  War On War
 *****Break***** 03:40 PM
 Drop Kick  The Senic Route  Feeling Never Goes Away
 Tame Impala  Innerspeaker  Why Don’t You Make Up Your Mind
 Bye Bye Blackbirds  Boxer At Rest  You Were All Light
 Gentle Cycle 45  Ivy
 Yo La Tengo  Electro Pura  Tom Courtnay
 *****Break***** 04:00 PM
 Vinnie Bell 45  Ballad Of John And Yoko
 Beatles 45  Old Brown Shoe
 Nick Lowe  Labour Of Lust  Skin Deep
 Billy Bremner  No If Buts Maybes  They Don’t Come Much Better
 Dwight Twilley  Great Lost  Somebody To Love
 *****Break***** 04:21 PM
 Bob Dylan  Freewheelin  Talking Ww3 Blues
 Julie Driscoll Brian Auger And The Trinity  Open  Wheels On Fire
 Jefferson Airplane  Loves You  Pretty As You Feel
 *****Break***** 04:40 PM
 Michael Kurtz  Michael Kurtz  Michael Kurtz
 *****Break***** 05:02 PM
 Church  Church  Unguarded Moment
 Rem  Murmer  Time After Time
 Velvet Underground  Matrix  Pale Blue Eyes
 Winkies  Winkie  Mailman – Takes A Lot To Laugh
 Champion Jack Dupree  v/a – Oxford American 11  No Mail Blues
 *****Break***** 05:22 PM
 Fleetwod Mac  Hits  Man Of Th3e World
 Paul Mccartney  Tug Of War  Ballroom Dancing
 Small Faces  There Are But Four  Get Yourself Tiogether
 Randy Newman  Randy Newman  I Think It’s Going To Rain Today
 Manfred Mann  Fontana Years  Funniest Gig
 Wynton Kelley 45  Joe’s Avenue
 *****Break***** 05:44 PM
 Tom Dyer  Truth Or Consequences  I See Pictures
 Groundhogs  Split  Cherry Red
 Man  Slow Motion  Someone Is Calling Live
 Ruts  Grin And Bare Iot  Staring At The Rude Boys
 *****Break***** 06:00 PM