May 29, 2020 “i ain’t gonna be your dog no more”

3-6pm Friday May 29, 2020 KGLT-fm “i ain’t gonna be your dog no more”
Artist Album Track
nina simone lp strange fruit
equals baby come back police on my back
jimi hendrix ladyland house burning down
zappa freak out trouble everyday
*****Break***** 03:21 PM    
pfm photos of ghosts river of life
king crimson newcastle 12.11.72 exiles
yes yes album your’s is no disgrace
*****Break***** 03:45 PM    
buffalo springfield buffalo springfield out of my mind
grateful dead grateful dead warf rat
cream disraeli gears we’re going wrong
*****Break***** 04:01 PM    
davy graham larger than life and twice as natural sunshine raga
harold mcnair the fence the fence
miles davis kind of blue blue is green
*****Break***** 04:24 PM    
matching mole little red record nan’ true’s hole
syd barrett barrett dominoes
roxy music bbc chance meeting
david bowie lodger red money
*****Break***** 04:49 PM    
philip rambow canadiana get even
faces long player richmond
lindisfarne nicely out of tune clear white light
beatles mmt flying
*****Break***** 05:04 PM    
fastbacks rich creamery butter a battleship called greed
who 45 let’s see action
rod stewart rod stewart album street fighting man
stones stray cats we love you
*****Break***** 05:21 PM    
roedelius wahre liebe wahre liebe
essra mohawk essra mohawk it’s up to me
van morrison veedon fleece linden arden stole the highlights
harmonia 75 welcome
*****Break***** 05:38 PM    
charlie patton scream devil sent the rain blues
howlin wolf i ain’t gonna be your dog no more i ain’t gonna be your dog no more
james cotton chicago the blues today west helena blues
fleetwood mac warehouse live all over again
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

May 15, 2020 “T-Bone Shuffle”

Friday May 15, 2020 kglt-fm “T-Bone Shuffle”
Artist Album Track
Elmer Bernstein Man With The Golden Arm Frankie Machine
Beatles Beatles I’m So Tired
Gbv Human Amusment I Am A Scientist (single Version)
Robyn Hitcvhcock Element Of Light The President
John Cale Island Years Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend
*****Break***** 03:22 PM    
Nina Simone After Hours Wild Is TheWSind
Jeff Beck Group Bbc In Concert 1972 Ain’t No Sunshine
Jimi Hendrix First Rays Of The New Rising Sun Hey Baby
*****Break***** 03:37 PM    
Kraftw4erk Ralf And Florian Tanzmusik
Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth Nita
Cluster Qua Protrea
*****Break***** 04:05 PM    
On And Ons Menacing Smile Menacing Smile
Passengers Just That I Miss You Only One Way Out
Stems 45 Tears Me In Two
Someloves 45 Melt
Tom Petty Tom Petty Stranger in The Night
Nomads Powerstrip I’m Out Of It
*****Break***** 04:24 PM    
T-bone Walker Jump Again T-bone Shuffle
Paul Butterfield Paul Butterfield Look Over Yonder’s Wall
Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited Highway 61
Junior Parker V/s- Mojo Good Times Bad Timnes Mystery Train
Coasters Best Charly Brown
Little Richard His Greatest Hey Hey Hey
Beatles Mono Masters I’m Down
*****Break***** 04:46 PM    
Johnny Kidd Best Please Don’t Touch
Sonics Here Are Keep A Knocking
Nick Lowe Labour Of Lust Big Kick Plain Scrap
Dave Edmunds Repeat Crawling From The Wreckage
*****Break***** 05:01 PM    
Pretty Things Pretty Things Rosalyn
Them Angry Young One Two Brown Eyes
Rolling Stones 12×5 Grown Up All Wrong
Chocolate Watchband Best Sweet Young Thing
Yardbirds Ultimate Nazz Are Blue
Kinks Kinda I Need You
Mystery Trrend 45 Johnny Was A Good Boy
*****Break***** 05:21 PM    
Procol Harum A Salty Dog Too Much Between Us
Townshend Lane Rough Mix Keep Me Turning
Kinks 45 Sweet Lady Genevieve
Fairport Convention What We Did Meet On The Ledge
Rain Parade Explosions In The Glass Palace You Are My Friend
*****Break***** 05:42 PM    
Eno Tiger Mt Burning Airlines
Grandaddy Sophtware Slump Jed The Humanoid
T-bone Burnett Proof Through The Night The Murder Weapon
Sonic Youth Evol Sean Madonna And Me
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

May 1, 2020 “Don’t Worry Baby”

3-6pm Friday May 1, 2020 kglt-fm “Don’t Worry Baby”
Artist Album Track
Acid Gallery V/a – Nuggets 2 Dance Around The Maypole
Idle Race 45 Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree
Micky Finn V/a – Nuggets 2 Garden Of My Mind
Misunderstood 45 I Can Take You To The Sun
Fire V/a – Nuggets 2 My Father’s Name Wqas Dad
Paul Jones V/a – Jeff Beck Shapes Of Things The Dog Presides
Small Faces 45 Donkey Rides A Penny A Glass
*****Break***** 03:26 PM    
Hp Lovecraft live May 11, 1968 The White Ship
Doors Strange Days Strange days
Love Foursail Robert Montgomery
Byrds Fifth Dimension 8 Miles Hight (rca Version)
*****Break***** 03:37 PM    
Blues Magoos Mercury Singles Gotta Get Away
Capt Beefheart Mercury Singles Diddy Wah Diddy Ep
Remains Live 1969 Why Do I Cry
Electric Flag The Trip Getting Hard
*****Break***** 04:05 PM    
Eddie Cleanhead Vinson Cherry Red Alimony Blues
Fleetwood Mac Before The Beginning I Loved Another Woman
Rolling Stones Now Little Red Rooster
Jeff Beck 45 Rock My Plimsoul
Jimi Hendrix Stages 68 Paris Catfish Blues
*****Break***** 04:29 PM    
Dave Mason Alone Together World In Changes
Derek And The Dominoes Live At The Fillmore Little Wing
Beatles Mono Masters Get Back
Spencer Davis Group 8 Nights A Week Waltz For Lamumba
*****Break***** 04:50 PM    
Man Rhinos The Thunder And Lightning Kid
Help Yourself 5 The Rock
*****Break***** 05:05 PM    
Kinks Kontroversy I’m On An Island
Xtc English Settlement Jason And The Argonauts
Split Enz Time And Tide Log Cabin
Robyn Hitchcock Element Of Light Lady Waters And The Hooded One
*****Break***** 05:14 PM    
Minus 5 45 Nine Lives To Rigel 5
Gbv 45 She Wants To Know
Game Theory Real Nighttime Curse Of The Frontierland
Opal Early She’s A Diamond
*****Break***** 05:40 PM    
Beach Boys 45 Don’t Worry Baby
Who Quick One Don’t Look Away
Pete Brown 1000s On A Raft 1000s On A Raft
John Lennon Outtake How Do You Sleep
*****Break***** 06:00 PM