September 11, 2009 “eat the rich”

3 – 6pm 11 September, 2009 "eat the rich"
Artist Album Track
specials aka racist friend
elvis costello this years model night rally
thunderclap newman hollywood dream something in the air
the who it’s hard i’ve known no war
jimi hendrix are you exp i don’t live today
pete townshend and ronnie lane rough mix keep me turning
//break// //break// //break//
traffic low spark hidden treasure
peter gabriel pg humdrum
family fearless between blue and me
stackridge do the stanley road to venezuela
strawbs grave new world benidictus/hey little man
stomu yamash’ta’s east wind freedom is frightening wind words
//break// 4pm break //break//
jimmy silva heidi kate of the human race
dream syndicate the days of wine and roses tell me when its over
minus 5 killingsworth the lurking barrister
robyn hitchcock and the venus 3 good night oslo goodnight oslo
//break// break //break//
neil young on the beach revolution blues
peter laughner take the guitar player for a ride sylvia plath
british lions 45 eat the rich
psycho daises sonically speaking demolition daze
humble pie safe as yesterday a nifty little number like you
//break// break //break//
xtc 12″ great fires
dwight twilly 12″ somebody to love
gbv tiger bomb ep my valuable hunting knife
emitt rhodes recordings you’re a very lovely woman
//break// 5pm break //break//
nomads made in japan i don’t know/i don’t care
the june magic circles big black mouth
pointed sticks souvenirs all my clocks stopped
cynics get our way thats how i feel
roky erikson evil one plus one i walk with a zombie
donovan’s brain fires which burnt brightly vanished
mose allison best of love the life I live
//break// break// //break//
silversun pickups tba lazy eye
neutral milk hotel over avery island song against sex
eno taking tiger mountain the great pretender
//break// break //break//
wire 154 map ref
csa waiting for a miracle monkey pilot
magazine 45 shot from both sides
jason lytle your truly the commuter it’s the weekend
eddie cochran hits weekend
pete townshend and ronnie lane rough mix rough mix

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