October 23 , 2009 “section 43”

3 – 6pm Friday 23 October kglt.net “section 43”
Artist Album Track
don covay mercy mercy mercy
hendrix are you experienced remember
rolling stones out of our heads spider and the fly
micky and sylvia 45 love is strange
alex chilton 19 years my rival
flamin groovies bucket of brains shake some action
frankie lee sims lucy mae blues married woman
chuck berry chess box talkin” bout you
//break// break //break//
bob dylan bootleg vol 5 1975 it’s ain’t me babe
van morrison live friday’s child
neil young freedom don’t cry
byrds untitled lover of the bayou
nils lofgrin grin you’re the weight
chuck berry box crying steel
//break// break //break//
mott the hoople all the young dudes momma’s little jewel
john lennon 45 instant karma
slade 45 look wot you dun
sparks 45 big boy
the move 45 down on the bay
suzi quatro the wild one 48 crash
//break// break //break//
cheap star speaking like an elephant speaking like an elephant
dogs legendary lovers never coming back
donovan’s brain fires which burnt you gotta go now
the left banke there’s gonna be a storm there’s gonna be a storm
the merry go round listen listen you’re a very lovely woman
//break// break //break//
sonny boy williamson bye bye bird gonna find me somebody else
cream gears outside woman blues
joe cocker 45 something’s coming on
//break// break //beak//
paul mccartney mccartney man we was lonely
pete townshend empty glass let my love open the door
husker du flip your wig makes no sense
golden palominos visions of excess boy go
clash sandinista ivan meets gi joe
//break// break //break//
tourists reality effect it doesn’t have to be this way
kraftwerk tour de france tour de france etape 3
harmonia harmonia dino
donovan’s brain eclipse and debris donnerdodal und emanzipation
//break// break //bark//
country joe and the fish berkeley eps section 43
mighty baby mighty baby egyptian tomb
help yourself beware the shadow american mother

October 9, 2009 “hymns from a haunted ballroom”

9 October 3-6pm kglt.net “hymns from a haunted ballroom”
Artist Album Track
g harrison all things johnny’s birthday
beatles anthology vol 3 what’s the new mary jane
john lennon walls and bridges bless you
beach boys holland steam boat
yoko ono approx infinite universe waiting for the sunrise
the move message from the country words of aaron
beatles mmt flying
beach boys smiley smile fall breaks back into winter
//break// break //break//
jeff beck truth (mono) you shook me
beckett st rolling thunder
faces first step devotion
family anyway lives and ladies
wilco wilco country disappeared
jack bruce live 1975 spirit
//break// break //break//
creation how does it feel try and stop me
the who my generation out in the street
birds rare british no good with out you
action the action i’ll keep holding on
small faces small faces here come the nice
moody blues 45 leave this man alone
flamin groovies now good laugh mun
//break// break //break//
rank and file sundown amanda ruth
pirates fist full of dubloons linda lu
roy loney and senor no got me a hot one cari-lin
mick jagger record plant too many cooks
//break// break //break//
rem up airport man
pink floyd wish you were here wecome to the machine
neu neu negative land
//break// break //break//
church the church unguarded moment
xtc 12″ tissue tigers
tourists luminous basement one step nearer the edge
this heat this heat the fall of saigon
arthur brown journey time captives
the skids yankee dollar x7″ hymns from a haunted ballroom
//break// break //break//
fred neil bleeker and mcdougal other side
bert jasch jack orion the waggoner’s lad
led zep 3 gallows pole
jeff beck truth (mono) morning dew
the who leeds heaven and hell
//break// break //break//
rollin stones goats head soup winter