May 30, 2014 “my father’s name was dad”

3-6pm Friday May 30, 2014 kglt-fm “my father’s name was dad”
Artist Album Track
pete townshend who came first day of silence
steve hillage l all too much
beatles anthology 2 tnk tk1
who sell out armenia in the sky
jimi hendrix smash hits staqrs that play with laughing sam’s dice
*****Break***** 03:25 PM    
john lennon walls and bridges bless you
van morrison veedon fleece comfort you
beach boys smiley smile wind chimes
jeff beck truth greensleeves
*****Break***** 03:41 PM    
nerves ep working too hard
nerves ep hanging on the telephone
beat the beat rock and roll girl
*****Break***** 04:09 PM    
beat beat let me into your life
beat to beat or not to beat gimmie the drugs
beat the kids are the same that’s what life’s all about
paul collins town to town kindness of strangers
beat kids are the same on the highway
*****Break***** 04:32 PM    
rolling stones emotional resscue summer romance
deniz tek detroit let him pay for it
kinks kinks i’m a lover not a fighter
david bowie pin ups i wish you would
easybeats friends can’t find love
*****Break***** 04:47 PM    
wilko johnson-roger daltry going back home keep it out of sight
dogs a different me a different me
rolling stones rolliong stones now I got a witness
*****Break***** 04:59 PM    
procol harum broken barracades playmate of the mouth
free heartbreaker seven angels
spirit 12 dreams of dr sardonicus when i rouch you
*****Break***** 05:18 PM    
johnny kidd greatest feelings-please don’t touch
kingsnakes how tuff how tuff
mystics dandies are back all messed up
johnny burnett tear it up honey hush
yardbirds greatest hits vol 1 train kepta rollin’
*****Break***** 05:39 PM    
manfred mann fontana years so long dad
fire nuggests 2 my father’s name was dad
fred neil bleeker and mcdoiugal another side of this life
byrds turn turn turn turn turn turn
jimi hendrix axis bold as love
pink floyd dsotm any colour you like
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

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