November 21, 2014 “the world turns all around her”

3-6pm Friday November 21, 2014 kglt-fm “the world turns all around her”
Artist Album Track
big bill broonzy 1928-1935 hokum stomp
jimi hendrix are you exp are you exp
move message from the country message from the country
pink floyd obscured by clouds childhood’s end
*****Break***** 03:19 PM    
skids 45 woman in winter
ruts peel sessions it was cold
public image first issue public image
golden palaminos 12″ the animal speaks/jack bruce vocal
*****Break***** 03:41 PM    
rain parade explosions in the glass palace broken horses
trypes music for the neighbors morning glories
green pajamas lust never sleeps i have touched madness
beatles rubber soul think for yourself
*****Break***** 04:04 PM    
eyelids 854 abby’s friends
chemistry set chemestry set ep beneath the plow
gerbils are you sleepy sunshine soul
donovan’s brain carelessly restored art tad’s new cymbal stand
elf power sunlight on the moon transparent lines
boston spaceships let it beard minefield searchers
*****Break***** 04:28 PM    
dbs revolution of the mind orange squeezer
mitch easter shake today prying eyes
byrds turn turn turn the world turns all around her
big star radio city in the back of my car
windbreakers run voices in my head
*****Break***** 04:44 PM    
turtles wooden head she’ll come back
beau brummels magic hallow just a litle
them again my lonely sad eyes
rolling stones between the buttons back street girl
trolls a scene in-between walking shoes
*****Break***** 05:01 PM    
apaloosa appaloosa bi-weekly
ars nova sunshine & shadows sunshine & shadows
neil young neil young if I could have her tonight
beach boys 20/20 i went to sleep
wilco 1994-2014 burned
*****Break***** 05:20 PM    
allo darling we come from the same place crickets in the rain
new pornographers brill brusers fantasy fools
led zep 4 battle of evermore (alt version)
who quadrophenia i’m one
j mascis tied to a star better plane
*****Break***** 05:42 PM    
louie and the lovers rise rise
trip wires get young you have a bell
dr feelgood bbc sessions 1973-1978 keep it outta sight
roy loney and the long shots shake it or leave it big time love
fleetwood mac kiln house earl gray
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

November 07, 2014 “as you said”

3-6pm Friday November 07, 2014 kglt-fm “as you said”
Artist Album Track
west bruce and laing whatever turns you on november song
carla bley escalator over the hill end of rawlapindi
graham bond organization wade in the water train time
*****Break***** 03:22 PM    
circulatory system mosaics within mosaics there is no time but now
xtc english settlement jason and the argonauts
fleet foxes sun giant ep mykonos
*****Break***** 03:41 PM    
neutrons black hole star mermaide and chips
man call down the moon if I were you
*****Break***** 03:59 PM    
bridget st. john ask me no questions to b with out a hitch
trader horn morning way growiing man
kaleidoscope tangerine dream sky children
ars nova ars nova fields of people
*****Break***** 04:23 PM    
lou reed brelin caroline says 2
elvis costello trust white knuckles
granddaddy just like the fambly cat jeez louise
penny ikinger electra shipwrecked
*****Break***** 04:43 PM    
fleetwood mac then play on before the beginning
cream wheels of fire as you said
built to spill you in reverse conventional wisdom
la duselldorf individuellos das..
*****Break***** 05:02 PM    
graham bond wade in the water first time I met the blues
rolling stones flashpoint deluxe fancy man blues
cream fresh 4 until late
terry and the pirates west coat legends cobra
*****Break***** 05:19 PM    
frankie miller + procol harum v/a over the rainbow brickyard blues
bob seger 45 heavy music pt 1
*****Break***** 05:31 PM    
steve miller sailor song for our ancestors
jimi hendrix electric lady land 1983
led zeppelin celebration day no quarter
*****Break***** 06:00 PM