July 17, 2009 “dedicated to you but you weren’t listening”

3 – 6 pm Friday 17 July kglt.net “dedicated to you but you weren’t listening”
Artist Album Track
chuck berry great 28 rock and roll music
rolling stones it’s only rock and roll it’s only rock and roll
t rex electric warrior get it on
ron wood I got my own album I can feel the fire
keith richards talk is cheap take it so hard
paul revere and the raiders midnight ride get it on
sonics ultimate boss hog
the who twos missing leaving here
teengenerate audio recording dirty robber
pretty things pretty things don’t bring me down
david bowie pin ups roslyn
rationals v/a motor city burning guitar army
angie pepper res ipsa loquitor baby don’t go
YFF japanese tour ep teengenerate
new christs we got this we got this
//break// 4 pm
suicidal tendencies v/a repo man sound trck institutionalized
king crimson discipline elephant talk
david bowie lodger red sails
streetwalkers red card me ‘an me horse ‘an me rum
eno another green world somber reptiles
801 live TNK
soft machine vol 2 dedicated to you but you weren’t listening
help yourself #5 aka wrench boy the rock
bob mold wishing well ep shoot out the lights (live)
jimi hendrix war heroes tax free
masters of reality sunrise on the suffer bus TUSA
tom verlaine words from the front clear it away
//break// 5 pm
young fresh fellows i think it is used to think all things could happen
midlake bamnan and silvercork they cannot let it expand
grandaddy sumday stray dog
the gist embrace the herd clean bridges
eurythmics in the garden english summer
rain parade crashing dream side eyes kill
mike mcgear mcgear man who found god on the moon
paul mccartney anthology 3 come and get it
tim hardin painted head perfection
badfinger ass timeless
man do you like it here now many are called but few get up
wilco the album bull black nova

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