July 11, 2014 “eleanor’s cake (which ate her)”

3-6pm Friday July 11, 2014 kglt-fm “eleanor’s cake (which ate her)”
Artist Album Track
beatles sgt peppers fixing a hole
rolling stones 45 dandelion
kinks 45 susannah’s still alive
move shazam this time tomorrow
jackie lomax is this what you want sunset
pink floyd relics julia dreams
*****Break***** 03:22 PM    
donovan sunshine superman sunshine superman
jason lytle unreleased fly
beatles v/a – no one can change our world across the universe
jimi hendrix rainbow bridge/first rays hey baby
paul kossoff koss time away
*****Break***** 03:49 PM    
neil young zuma don’t cry no tears
wings wild life wild life
*****Break***** 04:03 PM    
fairport convention unhalfbricking cajun woman
byrds younger than yesterday have you seen her face
gene clark w/ godsen brothers tried so hard
flying burrito brothers burrito deluxe wild horses
*****Break***** 04:17 PM    
split squad now hear this now hear this
pete buck i’m back to blow your mind once again life is short
graham parker the up escalator endless night
nick cave nocturama bring it on
saints prehistoric songs save me
*****Break***** 04:47 PM    
dr feelgood 45 baby jane
eddie and the hotrods 45 do anything you want
donovan’s bain v/a – records tribute hearts in her eyes
beach boys surfin usa stoked
*****Break***** 05:00 PM    
dave graneyand the lurid yellow mist supermidified i’m seeing demons
roy loney shake it or leave it subterranean waterfalls
radio birdmnan living eyes breaks my heart
new christs we got this shivnarine
led zep II good times bad times/communication breakdown
*****Break***** 05:22 PM    
matching mole matching mole o caroline
kevin ayers joy of a toy eleanor’s cake (which ate her)
feelies the good earth slow down
pete townshend all the best cowboys north country girl
*****Break***** 05:38 PM    
gbv king shit and the golden boys at odds with dr genesis
who quick one disguises
misunderstood 45 i can take you to the sun
jefferson airplane 45 have you seen the saucers
fleetwood mac 45 dragon fly
fleetwood mac then play on searching for madge
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

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