January 2, 2009 “Psychedelic Warhorses Disappear In Smoke”

January 2, 2009 kglt.net “Psychedelic Warhorses Disappear In Smoke”
Artist Album Track
kinks kinda well respected man
animals best of white houses
yardbirds bbc mr your a better man than i
beatles revolver taxman
thunderclap newman hollywood dream I see It All (single version)
rem murmer deluxe moral kiosk
bonzo dog band doughnut in grannies greenhouse my pink half of the drainpipe
U2 45 New Years Day remux
Roxy Music Flesh And Blood 8 Miles High
Thin White Rope Time Between/VA Everybody’s been burned
Byrds 5D Why (single version)
pink floyd the early singles candy and av currant bun
robyn hitchcock black snake diamond role out of the picture
robert pollard kid marine strictly comedy
gene clark two sides to every story past addresses
CSNY Deja Vu Country Girl
fairport convention heyday suzanne
the move message from the country words of arron
sonic youth daydream nation silver rocket
radio birdman zeno beach heyday
led zep led zeppelin babe I’m Gonna Leave You
love forever changes the good humor man he sees everything like this
ideal free distribution then we were older carol anne
July second of July the way
dave gregory remoulds those were the days
Quicksilver Messenger Service Fillmore 1966 Gold And Silver
fleetwood mac bare trees bare trees
fleet foxes sun giant mykonos
rain parade emergency third rail power trip this can’t be today
beatles revolver tnk
eno before and after science no one receiving
hendrix exp love or confusion
the who kids are alright wgfa
page and plant no quarter since I’ve been loving you
pink floyd meddle echoes

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