Friday November 13, 2020 “second guessing”

Artist Album Track
 ella mae morse  v/a – roots of chuck berry  house of blue lights
 chuck berry  box  jaguar and thunderbird
 rolling stones  ep  let it rock
 bo diddley  box  road runner
 who  quadrophenia  i’ve had enough
 deke leonard  45  diamond road
 *****Break***** 03:23 PM
 Charlie pickett  bar band americanus  marlboro country
 psycho dasies  pushin’ up dasies  get off on my porch
 johnny thunders  lamf  it’s not enough
 donovan’s brain  shambaholic  hit me in the face
 nomads  all wrecked up  beyond the valley of the dolls
 *****Break***** 03:47 PM
 david bowie  metrobolist  savior machine
 pink floyd  more  cymbaline
 *****Break***** 03:59 PM
 rolling stones  40 licks  losing my touch
 wilco  being there deluxe  i can’t keep from talking
 faces  long player  sweet lady mary
 paul mccartney  mccartney  that would be something
 *****Break***** 04:25 PM
 bonzo dog band  let’s make up and be friendly  rawlinson end
 jack bruce  songs for a tailor  the clearout
 jimi hendrix  first rays of thenew rising sun  beginnings
 tony williams lifetime  turn it over  allah be praised
 *****Break***** 04:48 PM
 yff  toxic youth  bleedout
 mott the hoople  45  where do they all come from
 *****Break***** 05:00 PM
 three hits  v/a strum and thrum  5 o’clock
 rem  reckoning  second guessing
 dBs  falling off the sky  write back
 primitons  v/a strum and thrum  all my friends
 trypes  music for neighbors  love you too
 *****Break***** 05:09 PM
 Names and faces  v/a behind the dykes  the killer
 joey paige  v/a double whammy  ’cause i’m in love with you
 chefs of lavender hill  stop get a ticket  stop get a ticket
 human instinct  v/a freakbeat scene  pink dawn
 mocking birds  v/a – blitz of hitz  you stole my love
 *****Break***** 05:42 PM
 firehose  if’n  sometimes
 howlin’ threads  45  edge on the world
 deniz tek  mean old twister  comanche
 meat puppets  up on the sun  up on the sun
 dust  dust  stone woman
 *****Break***** 6:00 PM
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