February 27, 2009 “Dead Letter Office”

3-6pm Friday February 27, 2009 Kglt.net "Dead Letter Office"
Artist Album Track
Echo And The Bunnymen Heaven Up Here Over The Wall
CSA Fiction Now I Know
Cure Faith Primary
Roxy Music Oakland 1979 Trash
Wire A Bell Is A Cup Kidney Bingo
XTC Skylarking Another Satellite
PiL Commercial Zone Slab
Matching Mole Matching Mole O Caroline
Kevin Ayers Joy Of A Toy Lady Rachel
Kendra Smith Guild Of Temporal Adventurers She Brings The Rain
Luna Lunapark Slide
The Chills Heavenly Pop Hits I Love My Leather Jacket
Pete Townshend Empty Glass And I Moved (alt vocals)
Kraftwerk Exceller 8 Komet Melody 2
Arthur Alexander The Ultimate Shot Of R&B
Little Willie John Grits And Soul Leave My Kitten Alone
Jimi Hendrix Electric Landlady Come On
Kilburn And The High Road Handsome Roadette
David Bowie Early On I Pity The Fool
Elvis Costello This Year’s Model Neat Neat Neat
Donovan’s Brain Fires Which Burnt Brightly Vanished
Saints V/A Mojo Nick Cave: Roots and Collaborations This Perfect Day
Nomads 45 I Wasn’t Born To Work
The Cynics Get Our Way That’s How I Feel
Wilmer X Downward Bound Motorbike Riding (live)
Flop Fall Of The Mop Squeezer Entropy
Stiff Little Fingers Gotta Get Away Gotta Get Away
Pylon Chomp Altitude
REM Dead Letter Office Crazy
Let’s Active Big Plans Horizon (original version)
Danny Kirwin Second Chapter Cascades
Moby Grape Live Grape We Must Be Going Now Dear
GbV Forever since Breakfast Sometimes I Cry
Deep Feelings v/a Mojo: Heavy Mod Pretty Colors
Deleted Waveform Gathering Baby Warfare Backward To Zero
Feelies Time For A Witness Doin’ It Again
Dantalian’s Chariot Chariot Rising Mad Man Running Through The Fields
Paul Peterson v/a Pet Productions She Rides With Me
Alan Bown Set Alan Bown Technicolor Dream
The Poets v/a Great British Psych Trip Vol 1 In Your Tower
Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera Velvet Opera Mary Jane
Attack About Time Feel Like Flying
Colin Blunstone Year One She Love The Way They Love Her
Manfred Mann Fontana Years Mighty Quinn
Creation Biff Bang Pow Can I Join Your Band
The Who Rarities Relay
Hendrix Hear My Music Slow Version

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