August 15, 2014 “Jack Rabid Takes Over”

3-6pm Friday August 15, 2014 kglt-fm “Jack Rabid Takes Over”
Artist Album Track
Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Hello Goodbye
The Nomads Solna Make Up My Mind
Soft Science Detour Feel
The Raveonettes Pe Ahi Endless Sleeper
Sensible Grey Cells A Postcard From Britain Forgotten High Streets
*****Break***** 03:18 PM    
Zombies B-side I Want You Back Again
Donovan’s Brain Fires Which Burn Brightly You Gotta Go Now
The Proper Ornaments Wooden Head Stereolab
Guided By Voices Cool Planet Cool Planet
Wire Single Outdoor Minor
*****Break***** 03:40 PM    
The Rifles None The Wiser Minute Mile
Cheatahs Cheatahs Geographic
Sloan Commonwealth Carried Away
Young Fresh Fellows An Evening In Edenbrook Forest Can’t Get Beside Her
*****Break***** 03:57 PM    
New Model Army Between Wine And Blood Guessing
The Who Single Dogs
The History Of Apple Pie Feel Something Tame
The Chills Somewhere Beautiful (live 2011) Pink Frost
*****Break***** 04:18 PM    
Springhouse Land Falls Eskimo
Deniz Tek And Scott Morgan 3 Assasins Fuure Now
The Action Action Packed I’ll Keep On Holding On
Noh Mercy Noh Mercy No Caucasion Guilt
The Hollies Evolution When Your Light’s Turn On
The Bevis Frond High In A Flat He’d Be A Diamond
Kitchens Of Distinction Folly Extravagence
*****Break***** 04:56 PM    
Paul Collins King Of Power Pop Kings Of Power Pop
The Muffs Whoop Dee Doo Paint By Numbers
Bob Mould Beauty And Ruin The War
The Kinks Lola B-side Berkeley Mews
La Sera Hour Of The Dawn Losing To The Dark
The Three O’clock Hidden World Revealed In My Own Time
Gang Of Four Entertainment Damaged Goods
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

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