March 25, 2011 “Man Of Mystery”

3-6pm Friday March 25 "Man Of Mystery"
Artist Album Track
Gbv I Am A Scientist Ep I Am A Scientist
Sails A Headful Of Stars In My Head
Sgt Major Demonstartion Recorading New Painter Man
Flower Machine Lavendar Lane In A Window
Flaming Lips Clouds Taste Metallic Evil Will Prevail
Kinks Something Else Lazy Old Sun
//break// break //break//
Shadows Greatest Hits Man Of Mystery
Jet Hearris-tony Meehan 45 Diamonds
Jorgan Inman 45 Apache
Jeff Beck Blow By Blow Freeway Jam
//break// break //break//
Love Love Softly To Me
Rem Best Of Rem Irs Years Gardening At Night Slower Version
Faces Nod Is As Good As A Wink Debris
Who By Numbers Blue Red And Grey
//break// 4pm break //break//
Deniz Tek Citadel Years Workingman’s Shoes
Damned The Lost Weekend Bad Time For Bonzo
Tim Lee 3 Raucus Americanus What I Have Not Got
Decline Of The Reptiles 13 Songs For The Rodeo Grrls Where The Action Is
Penny Ikinger Penelope Fragile
//break// break //break//
Magic Mountain Music Festival Mount Tamalpais June 10 and 11th, 1967
Lamp Of Childhood 45 2 O’clock Morning
Sons Of Champlin 45 Sing Me A Rainbow
5th Dimension Hits Up Up And Away
Tim Buckly Goodbye And Hello Once I Was
Pf Sloan Precious Time Eve Of Distruction
Merry Goround 45 Live
Every Mothers Son Every Mothers Son Allison Dozier
Modern Folk Quartet 45 Lifetime
Mystery Trend 45 Johnn Was A Good Boy
Kaleidescope Kalediscope Pulsating Dream
Jefferson Airplane Loves You Tobacco Road Live
Byrds Younger Than Yesterday Renaissance Faire
//break//5pm break //break//
Johhnny Almond Music Machine Before Dawn
David Byrne The Catherine Wheel Walking-Two Soldiers
Jimi Hendrix First Rays… Night Bird Flying
//break// break //break//
Gypsy V/a All Good Clean Fun Let Me Take You Home
Help Yourself 5 Light Your Way
Mighty Baby Mighty Baby I’ve Been Down So Long
Traffic When The Eagle Flies Love
//break// break //break//
Beatles Revolver I’m Only Sleeping
Beach Boys Holland Steamboat
Lindsey Buckingham Law And Order Johnny Stew
Van Morrison Wavelength Wavelength
//sign off// 6pm end of show //sign off//

March 11, 2011 “That’s Your Problem”

3-6pm Friday March 11 "That’s Your Problem"
Artist Album Track
Pete Brown Not Forgotten Association Interview/vision
Hoodoo Rhythm Devils What The Kids Want Crazy ’bout The Ladies
Led Zepellin 2 Living Loving Maid
Jimi Hendrix First Rays Of The New Rising Sun Dolly Dagger
Who View From A Back Stage Pass My Wife
//break// break //break//
Nazz Nazz Open My Eyes
Move Shazam Fields Of People
//break// break //break//
Daddy Cool Daddy Who Eagle Rock
Taste Taste Born On The Wrong Side Of Time
Kinks Kontroversy The Wold Keeps Going Round
Procol Harum Salty Dog Long Gone Geek
Beatles Mono Masters Hey Beatles
//break// 4pm break //break//
Stiff Little Fingers Ep Gotta Get Away
Clash Give Em Enough Safe Europpean Home
Undertones Hypnotised My Perfect Cousin
Ramones Ramones Judy Is A Puink
Eastern Dark 45 Julie Is A Junkie
Deep Reduction 2 One Word
//break// break //break//
Kendra Smith Guild Of Temporal Exp She Brings The Rain
Lets Active Big Reflecting Pool
Oh Ok Furthermore What Choukoutian
Country Joe Mcdonald Hold On I’m Coming Hold On I’m Coming
Tim Rose Tim Rose Morning Dew
//break// break //break//
David And Ansel Collins Double Barrel Double Barrel
Bad This Is Bottom Line
Ruts Grin And Bear It Shine On Dub
Clash Super Black Market Clash Robber Dub
//break// break //break//
Neil Young Neil Young I Could Have Been Waiting For You
Built To Spill Live Randy Described Eternity
Cream Live Vol 2 Nsu
//break// 5pm break //break//
Moby Grape Moby Grape Hey Grandma
Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield Pay The Price
Mojo Men Sit Down Sit Down I Thnk I Love You
Vejtables Feel Last Thing On My Mind
Rem Out Of Lime Honey
//break// break //break//
Q65 Revolution Love The Life I Live
Outsiders Strange Thing Thats Your Problem
Them 45 Gonna Dress In Black
Harmonia Live 1974 Arabesque
//sign off// 6pm end of show //sign off//