November 06, 2015 “in another land”

3-6pm Friday November 06, 2015 kglt-fm “in another land”
Artist Album Track
xtc black sea no language in our lungs
sonic youth evol madonna, sean and me
led zep celebration day no quarter
*****Break***** 03:21 PM    
kramies live the fate that never favored us
jason lytle dept of disappearence young saints
wilco pitchfork fest live you satellite
*****Break***** 03:40 PM    
ricked wicky 45 what’s for dinner uncle auntie
jam 45 aunties and uncles
cerebral corps attributed to my father’s name was dad
optic nerve 45 penelope tuesday
roy loney shaek it or leave it hamlet’s brother happy
powder holiday ep mr holiday
*****Break***** 03:59 PM    
kinks face to face party line
small faces small faces tell me have you ever seen me
skip bifferty the story of man in black
traffic mr fantasy hope i never find me here
bill wyman 45 in another land
plasticland plasticland alexander
blossom toes we are ever so clean mister watchmaker
*****Break***** 04:20 PM    
spencer davis group 45 keep on running
joe tex skinnylegs and all if sugar was as sweet as you
sam and dave can’t stand up for falling down can’t stand up for falling down
don covay mercy you must believe
philip rambow what ever happened call me anytime
*****Break***** 04:39 PM    
eyelids 854 say it’s alright
dharma bums haywire farm yard
boston spaceships let it beard minefield searcher
donovan’s brain heirloom varieties wedding bell ring
eyelids 854 psych #1
jorgen ingmann 45 apache
*****Break***** 05:04 PM    
taste on the boards what’s going on
spoky tooth two waitin’ for the wind
free at last guardian of the unverse
jimi hendrix monterey pop wind cries mary
wings venus and mars fell like letting go
*****Break***** 05:24 PM    
formerly fat harry fomerly fat harry my friend was a pusher
david hemmings happens back street mirror
mighty baby jug of love the happiest man at the carnival
*****Break***** 05:43 PM    
u2 october gloria
rem reckoning pretty persuasion
801 live east of astroid
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

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