May 17, 2013 “how the west was won”

3-6pm May 17, 2013 “how the west was won” “how the west was won”
Artist Album Track
jimi hendrix winterland spanish castle magic
pink floyd wish you were here experience edition raving and drooling live
*****Break***** 03:23 PM
taj mahal taj mahal leaving trunk
willie cobbs v/a fernwood rhythm and blues you don’t love me
little walter v/a a Mojo-blues breakers it ain’t right
frankie lee sims v/a ace story vol 1 i warned you baby
lou rawls tobacco road tobacco road
*****Break***** 03:45 PM
built to spill live randy described eternity
meat puppets huevos sexy music
*****Break***** 04:00 PM
man slow motion hard wy to die
help yourself 5 alley cat
tyla gang justy popped out chase the fire
help yourself return of ken whaley blown away
*****Break***** 04:25 PM
trippers 45 pictures of lily
otherside v/a a pot full of flowers walking down the road
stained glass v/a love is the song we sing my buddy sin
coachmen 45 mr moon
the preps 45 moon racer
sly and the family stone v/a love is the song we sing underdog
*****Break***** 04:44 PM
otis redding love man i’m a changed man
jr walker and the all stars 45 cleo’s back
aretha franklin lady soul chain of fools
king curtis 45 spanish harlem
*****Break***** 05:01 PM
john foxx metal beat touch and go
tv babies apt 621 little white lies
cure faith deluxe charlotte sometimes
echo and the barundi men eraindrops pattering i zimbo
*****Break***** 05:30 PM
nina simone the colpix years willow weep for me
pete townshend scoop drifting blues
donovan sunshine superman guinevere
can cannibalism she brings the rain
beach boys friends busy doing nothing
*****Break***** 05:47 PM
opal happy nightmare baby happy nighmare baby
t rex great hits truck on tyke
deniz tek detroit take it away
alfred newman 45 how the west was won

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