March 09, 2012 “did I play your song”

3-6pm Friday March 09, 2012 “did I play your song”
Artist Album Track
michael gibbs tanglewood ’63 tanglewood 63
beatles revolver good day sunshine
flaming lips hit to death the sun
pink floyd atom heart mother fat old sun
*****Break***** 03:23 PM
traffic 45 paper sun
family entertainment hung up down
moody blues in search of the lost chord the best way to travel
*****Break***** 03:40 PM
gist/stuart moxham personal best settled hash
grandaddy sumday i’m on standby
wire 154 th 15th
young marble giants colossal youth credit in the straight world
stuart moxham personal best last train to barry
david bowie buddah of suburbia ian fish uk heir
*****Break***** 04:00 PM
man back into the future deluxe ain’t their fight (live)
help yourself return of ken whaley blown away
*****Break***** 04:18 PM
well wishers dreaming of the west coast have some more tea
thundermug strikes jane j james
urge overkill stull (now that’s) the barkloards
clash bkack market clash jail guitar doors
young fresh fellows totally lost universal trend setter
guided by voices bee thousand directors cut echoes of myron
*****Break***** 04:39 PM
spencer davis group 45 keep on running
sharon tandy and fleur de lys reflections hold on
them again I an only give you everything
who two’s missing under my thumb
yardbirds 45 b side puzzles
*****Break***** 04:59 PM
dave graney supermodified midnight to dawn
rem monster you
sonic youth goo disappearer
*****Break***** 05:17 PM
wishbone ash live in memphis jail bait
who next deluxe pire an easy
*****Break***** 05:34 PM
split enz time and tide log cabin fever
tourists 45 strange sky
xtc mummer deliver us from the elements
rolling stones satanic magesties request 2000 light years from home
who two’s missing wasp man
*****sign off***** 06:00 PM

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