January 25, 2013 “mediocre me”

3-6pm Friday January 25, 2013 kglt.net “mediocre me”
Artist Album Track
bonzo dog band gorilla jazz delicious hot disgusting cold
colosseum live tanglewood 63
cream wheels of fire pressed rat and wart hog
*****Break***** 03:26 PM
byrds younger than yesterday eveybody’s been burned
association live babe I’m gonna leave you
move live at the fillmore going back
love da capo she comes in colors
beatles yesterday and today if i needed someone
*****Break***** 03:44 PM
chuck prophet temple beautiful temple beautiful
nick lowe labour of lust big kick plainscrap
peter holsaple va/skrang sounds like bobby sutliff ballygrand
minus 5 i don’t know who i am when god made time
*****Break***** 04:00 PM
lovin spoonful daydream let the boy rock and roll
mike nesmith and the hits just keep on comin’ different drum
bob dylan basement tapes lo and behold
help yourself return of ken whaley candy kane
tom rush circle game circle game
*****Break***** 04:22 PM
windbreakers time machine visa cards and antique mirrors
john stirrat v/s skrang sounds like bobby sutliff girl from washington
donovan’s brain fires which burnt brightly you gotta go now
rain parade v/a skrang that stupid idea
*****Break***** 04:45 PM
game theory the big shot chronicles here it is tomorrrow
lets active big plans for everyone in little ways
vinyl devotion floor model never the weak link
opal early bridget on sunday
*****Break***** 05:02 PM
stained glass 45 mediocre me
syndicate of sound hush records story looking for the good times (the robot)
e-types nuggets put the clock back on the wll
mystery trend nuggets johnny was a good boy
brogues hush records story ain’t no miricle worker
*****Break***** 05:24 PM
rem murmer deluxe catapult (live)
who next deluxe naked eye (live)
jimi hendrix exp i don’t live
*****Break***** 05:38 PM
wishbone ash argus warrior
robin trower bridge of sighs bridge of sighs
fleetwood mac shrine 69 before the beginning
donovan’s brain v/a skrang oh lorelei
*****Break***** 06:00 PM

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