January 13, 2012 “decline and fall of me”

3-6pm Friday January 13, 2012 kglt.net “decline and fall of me”
Artist Album Track
kingsnakes v/a rising stars of sf she’s not nice
rolling stones aftermath it’s not easy
flamin groovies bucket of brains married woman
beatles anthology 3 i’ve got a feelng
jody reynolds 45 endless sleep
eddie cochran legendary masters something else
faces nod is as good as a wink miss judy’s farm
*****Break***** 03:23PM
pink floyd more crying song
david bowie low always crashing in the same car
brian eno another day on earth just another day
harmonia deluxe gollum
fireman electric arguments universal here, everlasting now
kraftwerk exceller 8 autobahn
*****Break***** 03:56 PM
jack nitzsche 45 rumble
*****Break***** 04:00 PM
kinks lola v powerman powerman
humble pie 45 strange days
procol harum home whisky train
free/kossoff blue soul crossroads (live)
hendrix winterland hey joe
*****Break***** 04:29 PM
creation making time nightmares
yardbirds yardbirds rack my mind
byrds younger yesterday renaissance faire
dillards 45 last thing on my mind
traffic mr fantasy (mono) dealer
*****Break***** 04:47 PM
vamp v/a perfumed garden floatin’
syn 14th hour grounded
poets wooden spoon in your tower
yardbirds little games tinker tailor
*****Break***** 05:00 PM
move message from the country the minister
cheap trick heaven tonight top of the world
who 45 don’t even know myself
mike heron smiling me with bad reputations warm heart pastries
*****Break***** 05:23 PM
dils 45 i hate the rich
los nuns 45 the beat
wiretaps 45 call waiting
pearl harbor and the explosions 45 release it
crime 45 hot wire my heart
*****Break***** 05:40 PM
thundermug orbit micky mouse club
sparks angst in my pants decline and fall of me
good rats rats to riches victory in space
sgt major rich, creamery butter battleship called greed
yardbirds little games glimpses (alt version)
*****Sign Off***** 06:00 PM

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