January 06, 2012 “rear wheel skid”

3-6pm Friday January 06, 2012 kglt.net “rear wheel skid”
Artist Album Track
bonzo dog band gorillla big shot
elvis costello my aim deluxe nashville rooms 8-7-77 watching the detectives
tyla gang yachtless young lords
members at the chelsea night club offshore banking business
winkies winkies trust in dick
*****Break***** 03:20 PM
home pause for a hoarse horse red e lewis
wishbone ash argus blown free
man do you like it here now many are called but few get up
*****Break***** 03:48 PM
charlie patton founder of the delta blues moon going down
howlin wolf legendary sun performances my last affair
jeff beck truth ain’t superstitous
faces five guys walk into a bar rear wheel skid
*****Break***** 04:00 PM
built to spill you in reverse convential wisdom
genesis nursery cryme musical box
king crimson live in detroit 12-13-71 sailor’s tail
*****Break***** 04:28 PM
frankie ford 45 you talk too much
dr feelgood what’s up doc right string wrong yo yo
huey piano smith rockin pnumonia second line
otis redding monterey pop shake
them back trcking just a little bit
*****Break***** 04:43 PM
explorers club california suite summer days and summer nights
beach boys smile sessions surfs up demo
glen campbell pet projects guess I’m dumb
faces five guys getting hungry
*****Break***** 05:02 PM
pink floyd piper at the gates of dawn lucifer sam
july july my clown
tomorrow tomorrow my white bicycle
bystanders shapes and sounds vol 2 i am the walrus
manfred mann what a man funniest gig
syd barrett peel swession effervescing elephant
*****Break***** 05:21 PM
jason lytle live on kglt young saints
rem document the one i love
wilco sky blue sky on and on and on
grease band grease band all i want to do
*****Break***** 05:40PM
television adventure ain’t that nothing
radio birdman zeno beach heyday
jeff beck truth greensleeves
dinosaur jr green mind water
*****sign off***** 06:00 PM *****sign off*****

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