February 24, 2012 “hoover factory”

3-6pm Friday February 24, 2012 kglt.net “hoover factory”
Artist Album Track
soft machine vol 2 pataphysical introduction part 1>concise british alphabet part 1
quasi field studies all the same
caravan caravan place of my own
robert wyatt drury lane 8 sept 1974 sea song
*****Break***** 03:21 PM
steve miller your saving grace your saving grace
byrds younger than yesterday everybody’s been burned
move shazam last thing on my mind
*****Break***** 03:42 PM
jason lytle yankee dirtbag d.o.d
kramies european ep coal miners executive club
explorers club california suite walk on by
*****Break***** 04:02 PM
who next baba o’riley
david byrne catherine wheel two soldiers
pink floyd dsotm on the run
split enz korroboree walking through the ruins
genesis lamb lies down light dies down on broadway
*****Break***** 04:23 PM
million sellers music city usa discarded
byrds sweetheart of the rodeo deluxe one hundred years
rolling stones some girls deluxe claudine
rem reckoning so central rain
*****Break***** 04:39 PM
elvis costello get happy hoover factory
gbv let’s go eat the factory doughnut for snowman
kinks face to face session man
bee gees 1st craise fenton kirk royal acadamy of arts
beatles beatles birthday>cry baby cry
beach boys surf’s up feel flows
*****Break***** 05:05 PM
tim buckley live at the troubadour venice mating call
quicksilver shady grove joeseph’s coat
steve miller sailor song for our ancestors
man all’s well that ends well welsh connection
*****Break***** 05:28 PM
roxy music flesh+blood flesh+blood
eno, mobius, roedelius after the heat bell dog
kraftwerk tour de france elektro kardiogramm
*****Break***** 05:51 PM
mc5 back in the usa shaking street
easybeats ultimate anthology Saturday night
capt beefheart a&m bootleg frying pan
spencer davis group here we go round the mulberry bush waltz for caroline
*****Sign Off***** 06:00 PM    

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