December 04, 2015 “fakin’ it”

3-6pm Friday December 04, 2015 kglt-fm “fakin’ it”
Artist Album Track
cheap trick in color hello there
slade b-side i’m me I’m now an that’s all
sparks big beat. screwed up
thundermug strikes jane j james
jook different class bish bash bosh
*****Break***** 03:19 PM    
roxy music stranded street life
who concert for kampuchia sister disco
xtc drums and wires roads girdle the globe
move message from the country message from the country
*****Break***** 03:43 PM    
wilco a ghost is born humming bird
ELO out of the blue mr blue sky
yoko ono approximately infinte universe waiting for the sunrise
faces long player maybe i’m amazed
*****Break***** 04:02 PM    
hank and the skinny 3 coyote speaks big surprise
mott the hoople backsliding fearlessly death may be your santa claus
stooges raw power penetration
nomads demolicioin live at el sol where the wolf bane blooms
*****Break***** 04:20 PM    
beatles rubber soul i’m looking through you
simon and garfunkle book ends fakin’ it
donovan sunshine superman uk mono the trip
paul parrish the forest of my mind the painter
cyrcle red rubber ball turn down day
*****Break***** 04:43 PM    
sam and dave best of can’t you find another way
clarence carter testifyin’ snatch it back
bobby parker the sue label story world of guy stevens watch your step
joe tex skinny legs and all show me
sam and dave best of you got me humming
alvin cash and the crawles 45 un wind the twine
*****Break***** 05:03 PM    
electric meatball v/a last summer magnetic mama
beach boys 20/20 i went to sleep
spirit spirit water woman
jimi hendrix electric ladyland burning of the midnight lamp
rem up walk unafraid
*****Break***** 05:22 PM    
sea train sea train song of job
dukes of kent welcome to the cast house water
viv stanshall men opening umbrellas ahead strange tongues
*****Break***** 05:43 PM    
clash sandinista charlie don’t surf
pete townshend empty glass and i moved
king crimson thrack sex sleep eat drink dream
paul mccartney mccartney 2 frozen jap
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

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