August 30, 2013 “Dream Gerrard”

3-6pm Friday August 30, 2013 “Dream Gerrard”
Artist Album Track
Slade 45 Gudbuy T’ Jane
T-rex 45 Metal Guru
Cheap Trick 45 Spring Break
Ramones Leave Home Pinhead
Who 45 Relay
Gbv I Am A Scientist Do The Earth
*****Break***** 03:22 PM
Flaming Lip The Terror Look The Sun Arises
Husker Du Zen Arcade What’s Going On
Squirrel Bait Squirrel Bait Sun God
Eno Before And After Science Kings Lead Hat
*****Break***** 03:39 PM
Hangups Comin’ Thru Lesson #1
Porn Orchard V/a Something’s Gone Wrong Again Why Can’t I Touch It
Bad Bad Stoned Themes
Romeovoid Benafactor Never Say Never
Paul Butterfield What’s Shaking Off The Wall
*****Break***** 04:01 PM
Rem Drive Ep First We Take Manhattan
Bob Mould Wishing Well+ 4 Live Ep Shootout The Lights
Velvet Underground Vu Ocean
*****Break***** 04:21 PM
Rolling Stones Aftermath Take It Or Leave It
Small Faces Small Faces Show Me The Way
Hollies Butterfly Dear Eloise
Beatles Rubber Soul If I Needed Someone
Nilsson Sessions 67-68 The Family
Flamin Groovies Now Good Laugh Mun
*****Break***** 04:43 PM
Man 2ozs Of Plastic Parchment And Candles
Left Banke There’s Gonna Be A Storm There’s Gonna Be A Storm
Blossom Toes We Are Ever So Clean Mister Watchmaker
Merry Go-round Listen Listen Mother Earth
Pink Floyd Piper Scarecrow
Davids Bowie Dearm Anthology Come And Buy My Toys
*****Break***** 04:59 PM
Nils Lofgrin Back I Up Live Keith Don’t Go
King County Queens Ladies And Gentlemen Your El Solomente
Time Lee 3 Raucus Americanus Dig It Up
Donovan’s Brain Turned Up Later Your Number
Rain Parade Crashing Dream Shoot Downt He Railroad Man
*****Break***** 05:22 PM
Blodwyn Pig A Head Rings Out Dear Jill
James Gang Rides Again Tend To My Garden
John Mayall Crusade Me And My Woman
*****Break***** 05:42 PM
John Cale Hobosapiens Archimedes
Pete Townshend Another Scoop Ask Yourself
Traffic When The Eagle Flies Dream Gerrard
*****Break***** 06:00 PM

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