August 28, 2015 “a minor bird”

3-6pm Friday August 28, 2015 kglt-fm “a minor bird”
Artist Album Track
speedy west jimmy bryant 2 guitars country style swinging on the strings
pete drake the hits I played on green green grass of home
michael nesmith – first national band magnetic south joanne
memphis bend 45 louisiana hoedown
carlene carter musical shapes i’m so cool
deke leonard before your very eyes the world exploded in my face
*****Break***** 03:20 PM    
clive john You always know where you stand with a buzzard out of my tree
man back into the future ain’t their fight
*****Break***** 03:42 PM    
joe walsh barnstorm here we go again
spirit 12 dreams of dr sardonicus when I touch you
wilco starwars you satellite
*****Break***** 04:00 PM    
yff low beat a minor bird
dBs revolution of the mind orange squeezer
let’s active big plans for everyone in little ways
donovan’s brain heirloom varieties houseboy
fleetwood mac bare trees dust
*****Break***** 04:19 PM    
byrds byrds see the sky about to rain
tim rose love a knd of hate story sympathy
rod stewart old raincoat won’t let you down blind prayer
tim hardin bird on a wire southern butterfly
tim buckley morning glory song to the siren
*****Break***** 04:38 PM    
yes close to the edge (deluxe) siberia
king crimson heidelberg 29 march 1974 dr diamond
*****Break***** 04:59 PM    
lyers 12″ she pays the rent
real kids real kids all kindsa girls
modern lovers modern lovers she’s cracked
david bowie bbc white light white heat
rolling stones some girls deluxe claudine
velvet underground vu i can’t stand it
buzzcocks peel noise annoys
*****Break***** 05:24 PM    
butterfield blues band butterfield blues band look over yonders wall
john mayall live in 1967 the stumble
jimi hendrix paris 1968 killing floor
*****Break***** 05:40 PM    
ricky nelson album 7 summertime
troggs wild thing i just sing
lime spiders volitile a lot to answer for
new christs distemper the burning of rome
who 45 instant party
beach boys keeping the summer alive keeping the summer alive
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

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