April 21, 2017 “we’re only children”

3-6pm Friday April 21, 2017 kglt-fm “we’re only children”
Artist Album Track
rolling stones sticky fingers deluxe stray cat blues (roundhouse)
them complete little girl (version 1)
yardbirds 45 new york city blues
jimi hendrix axis wait until tomorrow
sonny boy williamson more real folk blues one way out
*****Break***** 03:22 PM    
viv stanshall 45 the question
byrds 45 why
gbv august by cake packing the dead zone
pete townshend white city give blood
gbv under the bushes deluxe redmen and their wives
*****Break***** 03:48 PM    
billy j kramer hits trains and boats and planes
dionne warwick sings bacharach and david walk on by
arthur connly shake rattle and roll love got me
archie bell and the drells tighten up tighten up part 1
*****Break***** 04:01 PM    
deke leonard iceberg turning in circles
badfinger straight up baby blue
sutherland brothers and quiver lifeboat you got me anyway
help yourself reaffermation runnng down deep
man do you like it here now we’re only children
*****Break***** 04:26 PM    
peter holsapple v/a – skrang sounds like bobby sutliff ballygrand
david bowie low what in the world
wire 154 the 15th
grandaddy last place evermore
*****Break***** 04:46 PM    
david ackles subway to the country that’s no reason to cry
brian auger julie driscll and the trinity open road to cairo
pete townshend quad demos I’m one
fairport convention what we did on our holidays meet on the ledge
*****Break***** 05:04 PM    
sonic youth sgt pepper knew your father within you without you
moody blues serachof the lost chord best way to travel alt mix
pretty things as and Bs walking through my dreams
dantalion’s chariot v/a – rubble 5 madman running through the fields
small faces ogdens long ago and worlds apart
*****Break***** 05:25 PM    
rem chronic stumble
roxy music bbc chance meeting
*****Break***** 05:38 PM    
thigh master early times canned opening
dinosaur Jr fossils little fury things
deniz tek – james williamson acoustic ko i need somebody
capt beefheart blue collar st hard working man
that petrol emotion manic pop thrill circusville
screaming trees 12″ this perfect day
iggy pop – james williamson kill city consolation prizes
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    

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