Donovan’s Brain New Album Out Now

Fire PrintingThe sprawling 15 song album, Fire Printing is out now. The new look line up with Joe Adragna is joined by friends Deniz Tek and Scott McCaughey. Long time partners Kris and Joe Hughes along with Tony Miller have produced what some people are calling the best Brain album yet.

Scott Sutherland has taken on a larger share of the songwriting this time around, with five songs on the list. Joe Adragna contributed two songs and sings a third. His guitar and bass are also heard across the album.

The new line up is back to work on the follow up. The machine never sleeps.

Donovan’s Brain New EP

The Agitated Brain. A new EP marks the debut of Donovan’s Brain MK7. Three new, noisy songs which will not be on the new album.

Joe Adragna comes on board at full speed. More than just the new Donovan’s Brain drummer. He sings, he writes and he plays. Scott Sutherland and Ron Sanchez each have a song on the EP too.

Ric Parnell makes a ghostly appearance on one song. He’ll be around for a while more.

This release also marks the arrival of Pete Weiss as our mastering guru.

This will be our first Band Camp Friday release of the year. That’s this Friday February 2nd.

The new Donovan’s Brain album is on schedule for a release this summer.


Deniz Tek and Radio Birdman News

Deniz Tek and Jeff Dahl have released a single. The two songs were recorded last Hawaii. Love/Hate” Is out n Cleopatra Records. Deniz has said he hopes they will be able to record an album in the near future








Radio Birdman has announced a series of Australian show for June and July of this year. They are celebrating fifty years as a band. These may or may not be the final Birdman shows. The band seem to be leaving the door open for now.

Meanwhile Deniz working on an album of new songs. Details will be revealed at a future date.








Career Year 2023

2023 is shaping up to be the biggest year for the Career Records Label since 2003.

The release schedule for 2024 looks to be nearly as ambitious as 2023. Donovan’s Brain are preparing an EP to be released at the beginning of the year. This will serve as an introduction to the new line up and a preview of the album which should be out by mid year. The three song EP will be a digital only release via Bandcamp. Ron Sanchez, Scott Sutherland and Joe Adrongna will have one song each. The songs are performed by the three core members, with Ric Parnell in the drum throne on one.  The new album was mostly assembled in the last year. As is often the case, a few songs are left over from the previous album sessions. Joe drums on five of the songs, with Ric on nine.  Deniz Tek, Tony Miller, Joe Hughes, Kris Hughes and Matt Piucci are also expected to contribute to the album. The new look Brain is already compiling material for the follow up to these two releases.

Deniz Tek has been working on a new album as well. Ric Parnell is the drummer on this one. More about that when the time comes. Den and Jeff Dahl have teamed up for a single to be released on Cleopatra in the new year. Den and Jeff are naighbors on The Big Island. It’s hope this collaboration will spawn a full album for Career.

Wendy Yee had been cataloging Bobby’s Sutliff’s audio archives with the goal of releasing a serious of demo collections. Bob Sings And Plays has been well received. We are also discussing a possible CD release of the cassette only Griffin Bay.

The Sand Pebbles first US release has exceeded ir expectations. The extent of their fanbase in the States had been an unknown factor. The availability of new LP and CD locally has made it easier for US fans to purchase the release. San Pebbles, Bobby Sutliff, Jeff Dahl and Donovan’s Brain have captured great reviews and radio play in the US, Australia and Europe.