Donovan’s Brain Archive Release

A very early Donovan’s Brain recording has just been released on the compilation of Montana bands 1979 – 1991 Without Warning. This two LP set is the companion to the Kirk LeClaire 2019 documentary So Good, I Can’t Take It. The album is available from Lost Sounds Montana at their Band Camp Store.


Lowlands was included on the 1990 cassette release Peer Pressure League. The version on this new album has been edited for better results.

Career Records is hoping to add a few copies of Without Warning to their Discogs shop in the near future.

Farewell Bobby Sutliff

Bobby Sutliff passed away on Monday evening, August 29th. He had been moved to hospice just two weeks after being diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer.

We are all in a state of shock about this unexpected news. Funeral services will be held on Saturday the 10th in Delaware, OH.

Bobby was known for his work with the Mississippi band The Windbreakers. He later had a successful solo career. Bobby joined the ranks of Donovan’s Brain in 2005, first appearing on A Defeat Of Echoes. After helping on Roy Loney’s Shake It Or Leave It album he became a full time member of Donovan’s Brain. He has appeared on every release since. He will also be heard on the next Brain album, Faith In Failure which is due in early 2023. The solo album he had been working on my eventually see the light of day.


A Go Fund Me Page has been created to raise fund to assist Bobby’s wife Wendy: Give Bobby A Hand

New Career Releases

Deniz Tek and Donovan’s Brain released new album this spring.Long Before Day and Chiêm Bao Thấy Bậu show both artists expanding their pallet of sounds.

Deniz Tek - Long Before Day

New Donovan’s Brain Video

Three videos have been prepared for the new Donovan’s Brain album Chiêm Bao Thấy Bậu. Third and last one is for the song I Would Not. This dreamy ballad is a collaboration between Ron Sanchez and Kris Hughes, with help from Bobby Sutliff.

Farewell Ric Parnell

Ric Parnell left us at 12.50am May 1st

Last week we learned Ric Parnell was hospitalized, in serious condition. This week he was taken home for hospice care. Ric iwas not expected to be with us much longer.

Ric had a colorful career before he joined our circle in 2010. Despite his failing health, Ric managed two drum sessions for Donovan’s Brain this year. The last was mid February. We had made plans for another session in May. Sadly this will not come to pass.

Ric Parnell was the anchor to our recording activities since his arrival. Besides his work with Deniz Tek and Donovan’s Brain, he recorded tracks for Bobby Sutliff, Tom Stevens, and Kris Hughes.
Drumming was what he knew and did best