Keeping Busy

Career Records has been quietly busy during this world wide crisis. Deniz Tek was forced to cancel a short Australian tour. He’s now back in Hawaii working on material for his next album. His plans for an August recording session are currently uncertain.

Donovan’s Brain has been moving forward on songs for their next album. Ric Parnell was able to travel to GLEA just prior to the Montana lock down for a two day recording session. Drums were added to ten new songs. Finish work is now proceeding at a rapid pace. Bob Sutliff and Ron Sanchez have colaborated on a new song which should appear on either the Brain album or Bob’s solo album.

Long term plans also include a Roy Loney And The Long Shots compilation. Full Grown Head has been out of print almost as soon as it was released. JIm Sangster is researching the Egg Studio archives for all the necessary materials.

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