July 26, 2019 “we must make things right”

3-6pm Friday July 26,2019 kglt-fm “we must make things right”
Artist Album Track
jan and dean filet of soul gonna hustle you
beach boys all summer long little honda
kinks kinda deluxe wait til summer comes along
small faces 45 donkey rides
chordettes 45 born to be with you
gary usher add some music caroline no
*****Break***** 03:25 PM    
beatles hard days things we said today
stainded glass secene between if i needed someone
other side v/a a pot of flowers walking down the road
neil ford and the fanaticks st that girl of mine
zombies into the afterlife telescope
byrds younger than yesterday renaissance fair
*****Break***** 03:43 PM    
marcus hook roll band 45 natural man
buzzcocks 45 harmony in my head
t rex 45 telegram sam
sex pistols 45 holiday in the sun
*****Break***** 04:04 PM    
on and ons welcome aboard run about
celibate rifles platters du jopur summer holiday blues
radio birdman live in texas circles
dogs 45 mon cour bat encore
moodists thirsty’s calling frankies negative
donovan’s brain burnt trees flash containment
*****Break***** 04:29 PM    
bob mould sunshine rock irrational poison
ride this is not a safe place future love
sebadoh act surprised sunshine
aints the church of simultaious existance sos – 75
*****Break***** 04:46 PM    
rain parade v/a- 3×4 as real as real
fool killers out of state plates neighbors
*****Break***** 05:01 PM    
green berets 45 we must make things right
plus 4 45 hang on
don covay 45 take this hurt off me
joe tex 45 show me
*****Break***** 05:16 PM    
sound solution 45 hide your face
noel odom and the croup 45 i an’t can’t see nobody
nineteen eighty four 45 three’s a crowd
joe south 45 leanin’ on you
*****Break***** 05:40 PM    
move 45 tonight
who fillmore east 1968 shakin’ all over
*****Break***** 05:40 PM    
chuck berry 45 memphis
jimmy reed best big boss man
action ultimate Hey Sah-Lo-Ney
*****Break***** 06:00 PM    
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