3-6pm Friday February 2021 “Song For The Dreamers”

 Artist  Album  Track
 Bonzo Dog Band  Keynsham  Noises For The Leg
 Sonic Youth  Smart Bar 1985  Expressway To Your Skull
 Wilco  A Ghost Is Born  Spiders (kid Smoke)
 *****Break***** 03:29 PM
 Velvet Underground  Complete Matrix  Pale Blue Eyes
 Rem  Document Deluxe Utrecht 9.14.87  Oddfellows 151
 John Cale  Helen Of Troy  Helen Of Troy
 *****Break***** 03:46 PM
 Jan And Dean 45  New Girl In School
 Beach Boys  All Summer Long Deluxe  All Dressed Up For School
 Tokens 45  Don’t Worry Baby
 Vogues 45  God Only Knows
 Johnny And The Hurricanes 45  Sheba
 *****Break***** 04:01 PM
 Tom Stevens  V/a – Hit The Hay Vol 4  Mustang Car
 Tom Stevens  Points Of View  Telephone
 Danny And Dusty  Lost Weekend  Song For The Dreamers
 Long Ryders  Psycheldelic Country Soul  Bell Of August
 Donovan’s Brain  Heirloom Varieties  Falling Off The Edge
 *****Break***** 04:32 PM
 Michael Nesmith  Cosmic Partners  The Upsiode Of Goodbye
 Buffalo Springfield  Box  I Am A Child
 Byrds  Untitled/unreleased  I’m Alright Ma
 *****Break***** 04:45 PM
 Richard And Mimi Farina  Celebrations For A Grey Day  Reno Nevada
 Michael Wilhelm  Wilhelm  Me And My Uncle
 Fairport Convention  Fairport Convention  Jack Of Diamonds
 Love  Four Sail  Singing Cowboy
 *****Break***** 05:01 PM
 Soft Boys  Give It To  Hear My Brane
 Capt Beefheart  Bat Chain Puller  Owed T’alex
 Pere Ubu  Modern Dance  Non Alignment Pact
 Cub Scout Bowling Pins  Heaven Beats Iowa  Gear Baloon Moousetrap
 Fleetweood Mac  Then Play On  One Sunny Day
 *****Break***** 05:25 PM
 Hilton Valentine  All In Your Head  Listen
 Animals 45  Outcast
 Sonics  Boom  Louie Louie
 Radio Birdman  Radios Appear  Shakin Street
 Van Der Graff Generator  68-71  Necromancer
 Micheal Mantler  Hapless Child  Doubtful Guest
 Tony Williams  Get It  Fred
Roedelius  Selbstportrait vol 2  Gewiss
 *****Break***** 06:00 PM
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