September 30, 2022 kglt-fm “Keeper Of The Flame”

 Artist  Album  Track
 Talking Heads  Fear Of Music  I Zimbra
 King Crimson  Zurich 1973  Talking Drum
 Jimi Hendrix  Electrixc Ladyland 1983
 *****Break***** 03:35 PM
 Jefferson Airplane  After Bathing At Baxters  Won’t You Try
 Neutrons  Tales From The Blue Cocoon  Come Into My Cave
 Man  Live Padget Rooms  Many Are Called
 *****Break***** 03:54 PM
 Paul Kossoff  Back Streeet Crawler  Time Away
 *****Break***** 04:00 PM
 Hookfoot  Hookfoot  Natures Changes
 Michael Gatley  Gatley’s Cafe  The Piano Player’s Gone
 Elton John  Elton John  Border Song
 Procol Harum  Procol Harum  Something Followed Me
 Wilco  Yankee Hotel Foxtrot  Venus Stopped The Train
 *****Break***** 04:29 PM
 Righteous Brothers  One For The Roaed  Little Latin Lupe Lu
 Don And Dewey  Specialty Reccords  Justine
 Albert King  Born Under A Bad Sign  Crosscut Saw
 Bb King  The Great Bb Ing  3 O’clock Blues
 *****Break***** 04:42 PM
 Zombies  As And Bs  Indication
 We The People  Too Much Noise  Decleration Of Independacne
 Animals 45  Ooutcast
 Byrds  Mr Tambourine Man  Spanish Harlem Incident
 Merry Go-round  Listen Listen  Time Will Show The Wiser
 *****Break***** 05:01 PM
 Manfred Mann  Fontana Years  Ha Ah Said The Clown
 Idle Race  Idle Race  Hurry Up John
 Eire Apparaent  Morning Glory  Rock And Roll Band
 Ugly’s  The Quiet Explosion  The Quiet Explosion
 Yardbirds  Little Games  Think About It
 Beatles  Revolver  And Your Bird Can Sing
 *****Break***** 05:22 PM
 Jim Mcpherson  A Promise Kept  Keeper Of The Flame
 Dennis Carrasco  Propellor  Give More Than I Take
 Donovan’s Brain  Turned Up Later  Fulcrum
 *****Break***** 05:40 PM
 Tv Babies  Apt 621  Little White Lies
 Eurythmics  In The Garden  Never Gonna Cry Again
 *****Break***** 05:48 PM
 Robert Wyatt 68  Chelsea
 Pink Floyd  Meddle  Pillows Of Wind
 *****Break***** 06:00 PM
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