January 06, 2023 kglt-fm  “Beaver Junction”

 Artist  Album  Track
 Beatles  Mmt  Magical Mystery Tour 1/6/2023
 Bettie Serveert  Palomine  Kid’s Allright 1/6/2023
 Pretenders  Pretenders  Kid 1/6/2023
 Nick Lowe  Wilderness Years  Fool Too Long 1/6/2023
 T Rex  Electric Warrior  Raw Ramp 1/6/2023
 *****Break***** 03:21 PM 1/6/2023
 Midlake  Tales Of Occupanther  Rosco 1/6/2023
 Mighty Baby  Mighty Baby  Equptian Tomb 1/6/2023
 Jefferson Airplane  Volunteers  Wooden Ships 1/6/2023
 Country Joe And The Fish  V/a – Berkeley Epds  Section 43 1/6/2023
 *****Break***** 03:48 PM 1/6/2023
 Freddie Slack  Boogie Woogie  Cow Cow Boogie 1/6/2023
 Mose Allison  I Dont Worry About A Thing  Your Mind Is On Vacation 1/6/2023
 Count Basie  One O’clock Jump  Beaver Junction 1/6/2023
 Shelly Manne  Play Peter Gunn  Peter Gunn 1/6/2023
 *****Break***** 04:01 PM 1/6/2023
 Nazz  Nazz Nazz  Meridian Leeward 1/6/2023
 Cheap Trick  Live At The Whiskey 1977  Down On The Bay 1/6/2023
 Move  45  Do Ya 1/6/2023
 Led Zep  Coda  Pzone Baby 1/6/2023
 Jeff Beck  Beck Ola  Hangmanb’s Knee 1/6/2023
 *****Break***** 04:24 PM 1/6/2023
 Undertones  Hypnotised  Bad Luck 1/6/2023
 Suzi Quatro  The Wild One  Can The Can 1/6/2023
 Motors  Approved By  You Beat The Hell Outta Me 1/6/2023
 Slade  Sladest  Gudbuy T’jane 1/6/2023
 *****Break***** 04:43 PM 1/6/2023
 Radio Birdman  45  Buried And Dead 1/6/2023
 Saints  One Two Three Four  Demolition Girl 1/6/2023
 Gbv  Isolation Drils  Glad Girls 1/6/2023
 Jam  The Gift  Happy Together Now 1/6/2023
 Mortimer  Mortimner  Life’ds Sweet Music 1/6/2023
 Blues Magoos  45  Gotta Get Away 1/6/2023
 *****Break***** 05:01 PM 1/6/2023
 Henry Cow  The Last Nightengale  Moents Of Delight 1/6/2023
 Hatfield And The North  Afters  Halfway Between Heaven And Earth 1/6/2023
 *****Break***** 05:11 PM 1/6/2023
 Great Grey  Manifesto  We Will Survive 1/6/2023
 Groundhogs  Split  Cherry Red 1/6/2023
 Lithium X-mas  Litium X-mas  Angel Angel 1/6/2023
 May Blitz  V/a Va/ Vertigo Xclassics And Rarities  For Madmen Only 1/6/2023
 *****Break***** 05:36 PM 1/6/2023
 Wilco  Being There  Outta Mind (outta Sight) 1/6/2023
 Minus 5  Killingseworth  The Lurking Barrister 1/6/2023
 Hickory Justice  Pines  Out Of Range 1/6/2023
 Malcolm Morley  Infinity Lake  Forgotton Land 1/6/2023
 *****Break***** 05:45 PM 1/6/2023
 Rolling Stones  Aftermath  Going Home 1/6/2023
 *****Break***** 06:00 PM
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