Deniz Tek Tour – Donovan’s Brain New Releases

Deniz Tek has announced European tour dates for early 2023. The band will include Anne Tek, Keith Streng and Bob Brown









Donovan’s Brain has released two digital singles. Carefully Considered Answers b/w Donnerdodal und Emanziopation features a remix of the A-side and an unreleased version of the B-side. This is a benefit for Bobby Sutliff’s wife Wendy. The second release features Richard Treece on two previously unreleased recordings. The multitrack file for The Overture was recently located allowing for the first mix of this session from 2004. The B-side is a previously unheard rough mix of a track that appeared on the Convolutions box set. Both are only available at the Career Records Band Camp Shop
A new Donovan’s Brain album is currently being completed.

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