11-Oct-22 kgly-fm “Burning Sand”


 Artist  Album  Track
 Eugenius  Oomalama  Indian Summer
 Verlaines  Live At The Windsor Castle  Doomsday
 Tom Vewrlaine  Tom Verlaine  Breaking In My Heart
 Blondie  Parallel Lines  Fade Away And Radiate
 *****Break***** 12:25 PM
 Penny Ikinger  Electra  Stuck Inside
 David Bowie  Buddha Of Suburbia  Buddha Of Suburbia
 David Byrne  Catherine Wheel  What A Day That Was
 U2  October  Stranger In A Strange Land
 Underwater 45  The Frogmen
 *****Break***** 12:51 PM
 Love  Four Sail  Singing Cowboy
 Neil Young  Decade  Loner
 *****Break***** 01:04 PM
 Teddy Charles  `tentet  The Quiet Time
 Curtis Mayfield  Sweet Exorcist  Make Me Believe You
 Van Morrison  Beauriful Vision  Cleaning Windows
 *****Break***** 01:21 PM
 Three Hits 45  Sharp Focus
 Rem  Best Of The Irs Years  Hyenea Demo
 Dwight Twilley  The Great Lost Album  Burning Sand
 Blues Project  Anthologu  The Way My Baby Walks
 Optic Nerve 45  Penelopy Tuesday
 *****Break***** 01:43 PM
 Ronnie Lane  Slim Chamce  The Poacher
 Tim Hardin  Bird On A Wire  Bird On A Wire
 Tom Petty  Finding Wildflowers  Cabin Down Below
 *****Break***** 01:59 PM
 Xtc 45  Somnambulist
 Roxy Music  Roxy Music In Concert  Chance Meeting
 Moot The Hoople  All The Young Dudes  Sea Divers
 The Beatles  The Beatles  I Will
 Echo And The Bunnymen  Songs To Learn & Sing  The Killing Moon
 *****Break***** 02:23 PM
 Wilco  Yankee Hotel Foxtrot  If I Could Break Your Heart
 Pink Floyd  Animals 2018 Remix  Sheep
 *****Break***** 02:40 PM
 Who  Next Deluxe  Getting In Tune
 Jefferson Airplane  After Bathing At Baxters  The Ballasd Of You Me And Pooneil
 *****Break***** 3:00 PM
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